About Vietnam, how much will iPhone 14 Pro Max cost?

Tram Ho

Right after Apple announced 4 new iPhones at the event called Far Out at dawn on September 9, dealers in Vietnam also quickly updated the expected prices for these products.

In general, because Apple has not changed the selling price of the iPhone 14 series compared to the previous generation, the expected price of the iPhone 14 series in Vietnam market is not much different from the opening sale last year.

Specifically, the standard iPhone 14 is expected to be sold by dealers at VND 24-25 million for the 128 GB version, the highest is VND 33-34 million for the 512 GB version.

iPhone 14 Pro is offered for sale for 31 million for the 128 GB version, the highest is 47 million for the 1 TB version and the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs from 34-50 million.

Về Việt Nam, iPhone 14 Pro Max sẽ có giá bao nhiêu? - Ảnh 1.

Expected price list of new iPhone models of FPT Shop.

A product that has received a lot of attention from Vietnamese users is the iPhone 14 Plus. This is the “enlarged” version of the iPhone 14 with a 6.7-inch screen, a larger battery. This model was launched to replace the iPhone mini – which did not achieve good sales due to being picky about users. This model is offered for sale for 27-28 million for the lowest capacity version (128 GB) and 36-37 million for the highest version (512 GB).

There are no major upgrades compared to the previous generation, however, domestic retail systems all agree that the iPhone 14 series will continue to “break through” sales in the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy – CellphoneS representative predicts that iPhone sales growth this year could be at 30-50%, depending on the official price. Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen The Kha – Director of Mobile Telecommunications Division of FPT Shop & F.Studio believes that iPhone sales can increase by 50-100% compared to the previous version.

With the increasingly clear trend in the love of using large screens, especially for Vietnamese customers, they abandoned the iPhone mini and launched the iPhone Plus product line with a large screen equivalent to the iPhone Pro Max at the same level. More reasonable pricing is definitely a good strategy. This is also Apple’s unknown product line this year,” said Mr. Kha.

Optimistic about the demand of Vietnamese users, what retail systems need to solve in the opening phase is probably supply. Last year, the supply of iPhone 13 series was extremely low, leading to many customers having to wait a whole month to receive the device, even though they ordered before the time of sale.

Về Việt Nam, iPhone 14 Pro Max sẽ có giá bao nhiêu? - Ảnh 2.

Retailers are optimistic about sales of iPhone 14 series in Vietnam.

The amount of goods in the first phase may still be lower than the demand. It is expected that the goods will arrive more stable after 1-2 weeks “, a representative of CellphoneS said.

iPhone 14 series will open for sale in leading markets on September 16. The time the device returns to Vietnam is said to be in October – expected on October 14. However, it is possible that Apple will push the launch schedule in Vietnam sooner because the market is increasingly valued.

In addition to the products that users are most interested in, which are iPhone models, retailers have also announced the expected prices for some other “defective apple” products such as AirPods Pro 2022 (priced at VND 7 million), Apple models. Watch SE (from 8 million for the GPS version, 10 million for the LTE version), from 13 million for the standard Apple Watch and 26 million for the Apple Watch Ultra.

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