A rare opportunity to own a high-end smartphone with top-notch configuration for only VND 7 million

Tram Ho

Galaxy S20 FE is a smartphone model launched in May 2020, belonging to Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S series. The original price of Galaxy S20 FE was VND 15.99 million, but now it is only VND 7.5 million at retailers.

Cơ hội hiếm hoi để sở hữu smartphone cao cấp, cấu hình mạnh đầu bảng chỉ với 7 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

Compared to other mid-range smartphones on the market, owning a “former flagship” model like the Galaxy S20 FE brings many benefits to users. Specifically:

– Snapdragon 865 chipset: Qualcomm’s flagship chip in 2020, although not the latest, is still more powerful than today’s popular mid-range chips, especially in terms of GPU (graphics processing).

– 256GB internal memory: Most mid-range smartphones are only equipped with 128GB of internal memory, but the Galaxy S20 FE has a large capacity of up to 256GB for users to comfortably store data. Not stopping there, the Galaxy S20 FE also supports microSD cards to expand capacity.

– IP68 water resistance: Water resistance is a very rare feature that appears on mid-range devices that are usually only available on high-end models. Galaxy S20 FE meets IP68 water resistance standard (1.5m water level for 30 minutes), on par with top smartphones like iPhone 14, Galaxy S23…

– 120Hz AMOLED screen: As a high-end model, so the Galaxy S20 FE is focused on the screen with AMOLED technology and 120Hz refresh rate. The only pity about the Galaxy S20 FE screen is that it does not support adaptive refresh rate technology, so this screen will always run at 120Hz and affect battery life.

– Dual speakers: This is an element that most mid-range smartphones leave out, but because the Galaxy S20 FE is essentially a high-end device, it is still fully equipped.

– Camera system is invested with 12MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera and 8MP zoom camera. The main camera of the Galaxy S20 FE supports OIS, 4K 60fps video recording, and the presence of a 3X zoom camera are details of the Galaxy S20 FE that are rare for mid-range smartphones to have.

– Wireless charging: Is a feature only high-end models have.

– New, genuine, full accessories, 12-month warranty: Create peace of mind for users during use, instead of using floating portable goods with an unsecured after-sales mode.

Currently, Galaxy S20 FE is being discounted to VND 7.5 million, but users can get even cheaper prices when buying online on e-commerce platforms like Shopee on sale days.

Chỉ 7 triệu đồng, smartphone Samsung này sở hữu chip Snapdragon đầu 8, kháng nước IP68, nhiều tính năng cao cấp - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, according to the latest survey from Samsung’s genuine store on Shopee, Galaxy S20 FE can be owned for only VND 7,228 million after the discount code. This price can be further reduced when applying flash sale/discount program during special sale days.

With a price of just over 7 million VND, Galaxy S20 FE is really a “bargain” not to be missed, especially when compared to other mid-range smartphones available on the market.

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