A full set of beautiful pink equipment for gamers

Tram Ho

Owning a comfortable entertainment corner with a full set of pink PC gear must be the dream of many gamers. If you are also cherishing the plan to refurbish your entertainment corner, the Entertainment Day program within the framework of Shopee’s 2.2 Sale 50% will help you realize that.

Immediately refer to the products that are “storming” by their lovely pink design, unmatched quality and especially great deals when ordering at Shopee .

Inphic gaming mouse PW5P

In addition to the “heartbreaking” sweet pink color, the Inphic PW5P gaming mouse also “scores” by the design of the mute button, which does not cause annoying noise when in use and the 4-speed DPI adjustment feature, supports handling handle different situations in intense games. If you have “fallen in love” with this product, do not hesitate to order it at Inphic’s genuine store on Shopee Mall today.

Trọn bộ thiết bị hồng xinh chuẩn bài cho nàng game thủ - Ảnh 1.

Hunt for the “super product” of the Inphic PW5P wireless gaming mouse for less than 200,000 VND at Shopee.

DareU EK87 mechanical gaming keyboard

Considered one of the key products in the mid-range segment of the DareU brand, the EK87 series possesses a solid key design with a thick cover, ensuring durability when operating with high intensity. At the same time, the Multi-LED system of this keyboard series will bring a colorful space, inspiring users both at work and when entertaining.

Trọn bộ thiết bị hồng xinh chuẩn bài cho nàng game thủ - Ảnh 2.

The product is currently at a discounted price on Shopee, order now before you miss it!

ONIKUMA K9 cat earphones

A lovely cat headset must be the top item on the “must-have item” list of female gamers. Not only attracted by the design and sweet colors, this device also helps you feel the sound in the most realistic and vivid way, thereby easily focusing on maximum in stressful games.

Trọn bộ thiết bị hồng xinh chuẩn bài cho nàng game thủ - Ảnh 3.

From only 469,000 VND to own the ONIKUMA K9 earcup cat, order now at Shopee!

DareU H101X Wireless Game Controller

With a slim, sturdy and easy-to-hold design and a scientifically arranged button system, DAREU H101X will definitely bring extremely interesting experiences to users. In addition to the outstanding “plus points” mentioned above, this is also an indispensable device in the entertainment corner of pink-loving gamers. Do not ignore this genuine product from quality to appearance, lest you regret it!

Trọn bộ thiết bị hồng xinh chuẩn bài cho nàng game thủ - Ảnh 4.

The DAREU H101X wireless gamepad is currently on discount for Shopee users.

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Offer information:

Trọn bộ thiết bị hồng xinh chuẩn bài cho nàng game thủ - Ảnh 5.

New spring opening – welcome fortune with Shopee 2.2 Sale 50%. From January 27 to February 2, the program offers a series of exciting shopping and entertainment experiences with the opportunity to receive free shipping codes up to VND 70,000 when watching Shopee Live, enjoy 50% off deals every day, and a variety of products. code free shipping 0 dong. Access Shopee app to enjoy a series of attractive offers at https://shopee.vn/m/2-2.

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