16 best mobile app testing tools for Android and iOS (2019) (P2)

Tram Ho

9. Robotium

Robotium is a free user interface testing tool on Android, Robotium does not need additional information about the structure or deployed layers of Android applications. All they asked for was the name of the main class and the link to it. It supports Android versions 1.6 and above. The test cases in Robotium are written in Java. In fact, Robotium is a library for unit test cases.

But the user takes a lot of effort and time to prepare the tests using Robotium, because one has to work with the program source code to automate the tests. This tool is less suitable for interacting with system software; It cannot lock and unlock smartphones or tablets. There is no playback or recording function in Robotium and it does not provide screenshots.


  • Robotium can create powerful test cases for projects.
  • Robotium automatically handles many operations on the Android platform.
  • Robotium needs minimum time to create solid test cases.
  • Easy synchronization with Ant or Maven to run tests as part of the integration.
  • Can run test cases on pre-installed applications.

10. Selendroid

Selendroid is an automated tester that eliminates the user interface of native apps and Android apps that incorporate mobile web.


  • It is fully compatible with the JSON protocol.
  • No need to change existing applications to apply automated testing.
  • By different types of positioning, UI errors can be found.
  • It can interact with multiple Android devices at the same time.
  • Selendroid supports hot plugging of hard devices.

11. MonkeyRunner

Monkeyrunner provides APIs for writing device drivers or Android emulators. This tool is behind Robotium in terms of performance. Test cases are written in Python, to create tests, users can use a recording tool. The only settings MonkeyRunner needs are to write a script for each device and test cases that require adjustments every time when the interface is changed.


  • Monkeyrunner can control multiple devices at the same time.
  • To automate test cases, one doesn’t have to modify the source code (unless the interface is changed).
  • It can be used to test automated functions.
  • Monkeyrunner can also be used for regression testing.
  • Jython allows MonkeyRunner API to interact with Android applications.

12. Calabash

Calabash includes libraries that allow test-code to programmatically interact with native and hybrid applications.


  • It provides specialized APIs for native applications with touch screens
  • It includes libraries that allow test-code to programmatically interact with native and hybrid applications.
  • It supports the cucumber framework, making it easier for business customers and QA to understand the testing session.

13. Frank

Frank is a UI based automation tool. It is a tool that uses a combination of Cucumber and JSON commands. It is described as Selenium for iOS Native application.


  • Frank has a syntax similar to CSS, which allows for easy checking.
  • Frank comes with pre-defined steps from which users can use immediately for their testing sessions.
  • Frank is controlled by the Cucumber framework
  • Frank contains Symbiote – a direct introvert tool.
  • Frank can integrate with CI.
  • Frank can run test cases on both the emulator and the real device.
  • Frank records the video of executing the test case to show how the application works.

14. KIF

KIF is an Objective-C framework and is entirely for iOS automated testing. KIF is an automation framework that integrates directly with XCTests. It can be used when enterprise customers are not involved in writing or reading test parameters.


  • KIF has a positive community and good support.
  • Perfect integration with XCTests and KIF comes with “KIFtestCase” that you can use instead of “XCTTestCase”.
  • KIF accesses UI elements with accessible labels.
  • Everything is in an Objective-C language, so developing standard iOS will be easy.
  • KIF has impressive commandline and CI support
  • KIF has quite reasonable support for user operations.

15. MonkeyTalk

Everything from the data-driven test suite to “Smoke Tests” is simpler, with Moneytalk automating interactive test cases that work well with functions on iOS and Android apps. .


  • Simple scripts and easy to understand.
  • MonkeyTalk IDE can record / playback test scripts.
  • MonkeyTalk does not require any powerful programming knowledge or scripts.
  • MonkeyTalk supports tethered, network devices and emulators.
  • For both Android and iOS, the same script can be used.
  • MonkeyTalk supports the concept of looping.
  • Both XML and HTML reports can be created using this tool, MonkeyTalk also takes screenshots when an error occurs.
  • For continuous integration, Monkey Talk supports Jenkins and Hudson. It also supports JUnit reporting.

16. Testdroid

Testdroid is a cloud-based mobile application testing tool that helps developers save development costs, speed up product marketing time and reduce costs. This is the fastest way to test your application against different realistic Android and iOS devices with different CT platforms, screen resolutions and operating system versions. Price ranges from $ 499 – $ 4999 / month as required. It is also one of the solid mobile game testing platforms for Android and iOS games. It allows for remote manual access to over 300 real Android devices before the application is launched.


  • It saves application development costs.
  • Minimize risks with real devices and fast testing.
  • Reduce costs incurred.
  • Improve the application rating and daily work of the tester.


  • It can be seen that, with the above 16 types of tools, each has its own strengths, but for each case, we should be wise when choosing the right tool for our testing purposes.
  • For example, for cases where you feel you need to check on performence, you can look to Kobiton, Appium, MonkeyTalk, HeadSpin …
  • For cases where you need to check on many different types of emulators, TestingBot, Experitest will not let you down!
  • Besides, with the development of the android operating system, if you need special tools for this operating system, take a look at Testdroid, Selendroid, Robotium!
  • In addition, when you need to use a tool for many different languages, Appium can still meet your requirements.
  • Wish you can find the tool that best fits your purpose!

Reference source: https://www.guru99.com/mobile-testing-tools.html
In addition, you can easily refer to part 1 of the article here: https://viblo.asia/p/16-cong-cu-kiem-thu-ung-dung-di-dong-tot-nhat -anh-for-android-va-ios-2019-p1-07LKXpJrKV4

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