11 ideas of Leonardo da Vinci have come true (Part 1)

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If you ask about one of the greatest brains that mankind has ever had, it certainly can’t help but mention Leonardo da Vinci. The Italian scholar living and working from the Renaissance is the author of countless creative things, known as the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, along with many research and inventions. Creative curiosity and innate genius ability “helped” the notebooks, his manuscripts are always filled with notes of ideas, inventions, which many of them have now become. true in his time, those ideas were considered fanciful.


During his time in residence and sponsored by Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, Leonardo came up with an idea for a combat vehicle, armored around for protection. Many people believe that this is the premise of the battle tanks later. According to his drawings, the car takes the idea of ​​the shells of the turtles, is solid and protects the things inside while fighting, along with the vehicle being upgraded with weapons to cause Damage to enemies. Although today, tanks are a means by which any country is military-owned, but at the time, this was merely an interesting idea, not yet possible.

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Vinci had also built a tank test, interestingly, his tank had a major error: it could never run forward but only backward. Many argue that he deliberately did so in design to prevent the car from being abused to carry out unwarranted war

Machine gun

The idea is not the only military invention that Italian scholars think of. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci used to think of a gun that added to the cannon’s weaknesses at that time: it had to be loaded too long to be able to fire one.

To solve that problem, he drew a blueprint for a 33-barreled gun, consisting of three rows of 11 guns each. In theory, at one point, a row of guns would operate, one cool down and one row would be in the process of loading, so soldiers could shoot continuously without losing any time at all. In fact, archaeologists have found an object that they believe is a three-barreled cannon, inspired by da Vinci’s invention. According to Telegrapt, this bronze cannon was built at the end of the 15th century, with many similarities to Da Vinci’s “machine gun.”

“We think it’s produced in Venice and brought here, or it can be produced locally,” museum director Marin Curkovic told the Telegraph. “We can’t say for sure that it’s made according to Leonardo da Vinci’s design, but the similarity with his sketches is remarkable. We think it is highly possible that it is produced according to his design. ”


The Italian inventor also had the idea of ​​a ship that could travel under the water. Without stopping there, according to the draft, this ship could sink to explore deep waters. Realizing this design can become extremely dangerous when it falls into the wrong hands because these ships can be used to stealthily sink other ships easily. Leonardo da Vinci decided to keep his submarine prototype design intact to keep it from “human’s evil nature”.

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“Aerial screw” – basically a man-controlled helicopter, is considered one of da Vinci’s other great inventions but at the time could not be put into practice due to limitations. of science and technology. Helicopters were actually not built until the mid-20th century, but da Vinci’s version was considered one of the earliest prototypes, if not the first version. It is considered as an invention with the desire to conquer the sky of people

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In 2013, a group of Canadian inventors made Leonardo’s idea of ​​flying helicopters, becoming the first operational helicopters.


Da Vinci not only meant about flying aspirations and military warfare. He also thought about the devices around his life, which can be described as a model of “chiller” – considered a modern refrigerator.

Scholar Alessandro Vezzosi believes da Vinci conceptualized the cooling machine while working under the auspices of Sforzas in Milan around 1492. The Da Vinci sketch shows a complex system of bellows and chambers. The skin and taps seem quite bulky for something that doesn’t really hold things at too low a temperature (this design seems to be ineffective and still stays on the side of ideas in his time).

Despite this, his effort on chiller is considered the earliest idea of ​​current refrigerators, which is extremely useful for humans in the present time.

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Although jumping

This design is found in the Atlanticus handbook. Da Vinci’s vision is to create a combination of linen and wood to help people jump from high to ground without being hurt. Once again da Vinci did not use himself to experiment with this invention, and fortunately he did not, because, according to modern experiments, this umbrella is too heavy and hard to help. People jump from high down without injury.

Đang tải model-parachute-generimru copy.jpg… However, Leonardo’s ideas were often correct: he hypothesized that if we had a cloth-covered structure of 12 arms and 12 highs, we could jump from any height to the ground. but unharmed.

The evolution of mankind

Long before Charles Darwin introduced his famous Evolutionary Theory, Leonardo also made a similar comment. The fact is that he merely suggested that humans evolved from gibbons in a rather reluctant way, without giving evidence or trying to defend his thesis.

According to The Guardian, da Vinci’s comparative anatomical studies allow him to observe similar points from two species. These anatomical drawings are also part of a book on the anatomy he wrote to describe people, human-like creatures such as primates, monkeys, gibbons, …

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Taking advantage of the immense energy from the sun is considered a natural thing of the day, but in the Renaissance, it was different, the sun was merely considered to provide light for people. In fact, da Vinci also built his own solar system to heat the water in Florence.

While working at the Vatican, he experimented many times with “burning mirrors” and predicted that concave mirrors (concave spheres) could be used to focus solar heat on one point and exploit their heat.

Calculating machines

Who is the real “inventor” of computers is still being debated, but many believe that Vinci has come up with the idea that will later come true. A hundred years before the German astronomer and mathematician Wilhelm Schickard built his “calculator”, da Vinci was thought to have designed a design for a computing machine. Its own to serve the quick calculation of numbers.

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While we and people often think of Galileo before thinking about da Vinci when it comes to astronomical aspects, it is impossible to say that Leonardo overlooked this large and wide field, including one detail about the telescope, the object used to observe the sky. In the Codex Leicester notebook, da Vinci wrote a note for himself when he wrote “Make eyeglasses to see the larger moon.” Although there is no evidence regarding whether he actually did such a device, the first known telescope was created about 100 years later.

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Leonardo da Vinci was also the one who gave the idea and designed the humanoid robot (humanoid robot) very early. Accordingly, his “Armored Knight” could sit, wave, move his head and open his jaw. This “robot” is actually an armor with an upgraded interior filled with gears and mechanical mechanisms that help move. This is considered a primitive robot, but later we have seen so many robots like that were born with more interesting things.

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