Vega, SQLmap from scan to SQL injection exploit

Tram Ho

What is web scanning

Scan web or Web application scanning is also known as web application scanning, the purpose of the scan is web application vulnerability scanning the Web, data collection site to find vulnerabilities in web applications.

Scanning software after analyzing all accessible pages will build the structure of the entire site.

Scan web can also be considered an important part of web application security, it helps web application developers to find weaknesses in the projects they build.


Vega is a platform to test the security of a web application. Vega is written in Java, and runs on many different platforms such as Linux, OS X, Windows, developed by Subgraph .

Vega can act as a proxy, or as an automated scanning application. Modules can automatically send requests to check for vulnerabilities such as XSS , SQL injection


SQLmap is an open source tool, which automatically checks and detects SQL injection vulnerabilities, can be run on many platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows.

Configuration and scan

In this article I use the Vega tool to collect vulnerabilities and data of a website.

Before performing a scan of a website, you need to understand the purpose and what you want to collect from that website to minimize the scanning.

1. Configuration

  • Select the required modules

  • Complete the configuration and start scanning

2. Collect results

After the scan is complete we see the vulnerabilities in each different level are detailed statistics

Here I scan some errors like XSS , SQL injection , RFI

3. Mining

In this article I have used SQLmap to exploit the SQL injection error that I have scanned to see the effectiveness of the tool I have used above.

It is possible to view requests as well, but the response in each vulnerability is a request and response of an SQL injection error that we found.

SQLmap is a powerful and useful tool for exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities

Use SQLmap to check

  • -u url to scan
  • --keep-alive uses HTTP (s) connections
  • --random-agent uses random HTTP User-Agent

  • --dbs lists databases

After using SQLmap , I get the information of 2 databases, try to see if the database acuart has anything.

  • -D select database to operate
  • --colmns lists columns

Let’s see what the users table has

  • -T choose the execution table
  • --dump retrieves the data

This is an example of the 3 tables I got, and there are many other tables that see the Vega tool is also a pretty good tool for scanning web applications.


Vega has some other features that I have not discovered yet, I will try to learn more to be able to share with everyone.

Hopefully, in my article, you can understand more about web scanning, how to use the Vega tool to scan a certain website, as well as use SQLmap to exploit SQL injection errors that you have scanned. Thank you for watching my post!

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