Optimize the Facebook Ads Advertising Process to make the project more efficient !!!

Tram Ho

You are having a headache finding ways to optimize the advertising content on the facebook platform for your advertising campaigns. How to make your ad effective? Which method can help you best optimize your advertising campaign? This article will help you solve those questions.

I. Optimize advertising content

Optimize images

Images are one of the factors that determine whether customers stop with your posts or not. If the image of the post is beautiful, eye-catching and standard size of facebook, the user will stop with your post more. This increases the clickthrough rate of the CTR.

So what does CTR bring to life? It is the percentage of customers reading your content will increase in the total number of people reaching the same. But the more people read a post of your content, the number of your orders will also increase. It can be said as small things in the whole, but they can help make your post more attractive. So taking the time to make your photos on posts more beautiful, more novel is worth it.

Optimize article content

The content of the article is the next important factor for users to stop with your article longer. The first thing you need to do is take the time to write well for the first 3 lines of the article. Because your customers will quickly read these first 3 lines. If these 3 lines really appeal, customers will click to see more and make your purchase decision when reading these first 3 lines. Therefore, if you spend 60 minutes to write articles, spend 50 minutes to write really attractive for these 3 lines.

However, the content of the article behind that you must not make them too superficial. Because customers have already clicked on the review and the content was unrelated, they will quickly leave your post. So to optimize the content you need to adjust from the beginning to the end of the lesson.

Optimize the customer object

To be able to target the target audience, you need to conduct their insight analysis. Especially you have to understand the products you sell. And to get a comment, a message you need to target the right people who need your product, not the people who need them in the future. You need to analyze what they need? How do they consume? What hobbies and ages do they have? What are their demographic factors? And so much more. But this is just a theory, to do well, you need to test, test to have judgments and learn from experience.

Facebook is constantly changing algorithms. And users are constantly making changes to adapt to the environment. Maybe today they like the product because they see their idol, but tomorrow they don’t like it anymore. Therefore, when target you need to split your object to test. From there give out the most effective group then maintain that ad group.

II. Optimize ad index

1. Fixed norms

  • CPM – cost per 1000 impressions. If you look at your CPM and find that the price is too high, you should turn that ad off and switch to another ad campaign.
  • Relevance – this is simply the most effective point of an advertising campaign. With a maximum scale of 10 and a level above 8 it is considered acceptable. If your relevance score is too low, you should return to view your advertising campaign.
  • CTR – is the ratio on clicks. This is the easiest to see and calculate. If you find that your CTR is too low, that is, there are too few clicks, you should review your advertising campaign.

2. Targets displayed in the advertisement sample

You should remember it, we need to optimize it. This is why in each item we have to set their own target targets.

  • Reach indicator (approach) . If this index is low you should review the time that you post. Is that time appropriate for your audience? Secondly, you need to review the content of your article. If the content of your article is not standard, not attractive, you should change to a new article.
  • Traffic – this is a focus on the click on the link with the metric being click with CPC. To optimize CPC, you can split your audience and review the advertising messages you want to convey. Did they really fit your audience?
  • Interaction – it is the number of likes, comments, shares and optimally based on the cost per CPA interaction.
  • Number of users who install the app – what we need to do is optimize the cost per install of the CPI app
  • Number of video viewers – optimize the cost per CPV video view
  • Advertise to search potential customers – this is a Lead ad with the goal of collecting information of customers as much as possible. The measurement metric of this ad is CPL, meaning the cost per customer information.
  • Messages – measure the number of people sending messages to your ad. When you create your ad, you can install the messenger button in the bottom right corner of the post to make it easier for customers to visit your landing page.
  • Last and not least, it is conversion optimization . This is the optimal job for CVR indicators. If your CVR is low, think about optimizing your website, landing page about UX elements, content, advertising messages, …

III. Conclude

Above are some methods to optimize Facebook Ads. Hopefully the article will help you have more useful knowledge about Facebook ad optimization. You can refer to similar articles and topics at http://bachkhoa-npower.vn/

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