Optimize online entertainment platform – Opportunity to increase traffic in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis

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Tối ưu nền tảng giải trí trực tuyến - Cơ hội tăng lượng truy cập giữa cuộc khủng hoảng Covid-19 - Ảnh 1.

This is the golden time for entertainment services to directly upgrade the user experience, meeting the rising demand during the Covid-19 translation period for people who are at home and out.

The trend of using OTT television (television on the internet platform)

Popular OTT services such as FPT Play, VTV Go, Netflix and YouTube … are paid or free. The common point of all OTTs is that they are associated with the development of technology and do not depend on traditional factors such as geographic location, distribution, marketing …

Just install the app on your device and connect to the internet, a store of TV shows, movies, newsletters, all kinds of online entertainment programs personalized for your age and enjoyment. ready to serve the user.

Especially during the Covid-19 season, all OTT television services are witnessing a huge increase in user access, which means that providers may encounter related issues. to congestion or overload. Therefore, ensuring the quality of transmission, access, and storage systems for platforms must be of utmost concern.

Tối ưu nền tảng giải trí trực tuyến - Cơ hội tăng lượng truy cập giữa cuộc khủng hoảng Covid-19 - Ảnh 2.

Most OTT platform vendors have chosen the solution to the problem of infrastructure investment is to invest in a more powerful new server system, while increasing the processing speed, reducing the response delay on user devices when Access the application using the CDN.

Websites that watch movies online spike traffic

Besides choosing to watch movies on online OTT television platforms, online movie streaming websites (VOD-video on demand) is also a favorite trend for young people to watch movies. The strong demand for watching movies at home in the audience’s season will increase the risk of website downtime, the lighter risk is delayed, the load is incomplete, causing inhibition for viewers.

Without optimizing the user experience by speeding up the website, users will quickly leave the site and look for another movie site. We all know, many viewers but also many movie websites, do not create a competitive advantage in download speed and quality is sharp, it is difficult to compete and entice visitors.

In order to take advantage of the large viewership at home during the season, the online movie website may consider technological solutions to meet the soaring demands that put pressure on the website’s infrastructure.

Distributing VOD traffic is always challenging. The website needs a good place to store content, a stable and secure infrastructure to manage all of this video. A powerful VOD platform can help solve those challenges with a complete end-to-end solution, designed to make managing, publishing, distributing and monetizing videos as easy as possible. .

Tối ưu nền tảng giải trí trực tuyến - Cơ hội tăng lượng truy cập giữa cuộc khủng hoảng Covid-19 - Ảnh 3.

News website is the preferred option to update Covid-19 season “all people at home”

In addition to movies and videos, news (including images and text, etc.) is also one of the content that has been strongly consumed by users during this period, from entertainment content to related updates. to the keywords about Covid-19.

Opportunities always come with challenges, challenges that the website now faces, the first is the increasing number of visitors from all geographical locations away from the original server, the second is the number of images with large capacity – both of these challenges have a direct impact on page load speed. The quick, simple, inexpensive and most effective solution do not ignore now is the integrated CDN for the website, the CDN has the ability to optimize images automatically, the better.

Website content will be distributed on a large network of CDN servers. Content requests will be taken at the server closest to the visitor, significantly reducing page load time. The robust setup of the CDN will handle all jobs that return data to the user instead of the original server in a much shorter time.

Choosing a provider with a comprehensive set of solutions to optimize the IT infrastructure and increase the user experience will help online entertainment platforms make the most of the opportunity in the middle of the Covid-19 season.

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