Redmi K40 will be the first Snapdragon 775G smartphone in the world

Tram Ho

According to the report, Xiaomi is currently developing a new series of smartphones branded Redmi, called Redmi K40. This product line is expected to be released around December this year.

Redmi K40 sẽ là smartphone chạy chip Snapdragon 775G đầu tiên trên thế giới - Ảnh 1.

Redmi K30S

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi K30 series at the end of last year and achieved quite a lot of success, thanks to the launch of many models in different price segments. Therefore, the company is likely to continue in the same direction next year.

Before the launch date, the Redmi K40 was recently found in the database of the MIIT certification body in China, with the model number M2011K2C. Previous reports said the device will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 775G processor – the chip that will be released in early December alongside the Snapdragon 875.

Redmi K40 sẽ là smartphone chạy chip Snapdragon 775G đầu tiên trên thế giới - Ảnh 2.

Redmi K30 Pro

The Redmi K30 5G is the first smartphone to be equipped with a Snapdragon 765G chip, so it should not be too surprising if its successor is the world’s first Snapdragon 775G smartphone. As for the Snapdragon 875, this chip will be used on the Redmi K40 Pro – the most advanced model in the K40 series.

In addition to owning a more advanced 5nm chip, the Redmi K40 Pro is also said to have a larger screen, a higher capacity battery, faster charging and a lot of camera improvements. Most likely, it still uses the pop-up selfie camera mechanism, because the camera technology hidden under the screen is probably not ready at the present time. The phone is likely to hit the market in the first quarter of next year.

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