Not yet launched, Apple’s electric car is more popular than Tesla

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Although rumored for a long time, so far, Apple’s electric vehicle development division has not released the car or has any actual production plans. But according to a survey, this electric car of Apple is more popular with users than Tesla’s famous electric cars.

A survey conducted by Strategic Vision of 200,000 new car buyers found that Apple ranked third on the list of brands they would consider when buying a new car. 26% of them also said they “love” the Apple brand and would consider buying a car if it was in production.

Ranked above Apple are two traditional Japanese car brands including Toyota and Honda. Surprisingly, Apple also ranked above Tesla, Lexus and BMW in the list of 45 car brands of this survey.

Còn chưa ra mắt, xe điện của Apple đã được ưa chuộng còn hơn cả Tesla - Ảnh 1.

Ranking order in the survey table

This survey also shows that more than half of Tesla owners will consider buying an Apple Car in the future.

Not only that, Apple also achieved the highest score for “quality impression” with 24% of user votes – higher than 15% for Toyota and 11% for Tesla. However, the remaining 34% of respondents said they do not have enough information about the car to judge its quality.

Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision, said: ” Of course, ultimately, what Apple delivers, including design style, powertrain, product and many other key features will determine the level interest for people looking to buy a car .”

However, their level of brand awareness and reputation has provided a massive platform that has never been seen before as other automakers are working hard to acquire .”

Còn chưa ra mắt, xe điện của Apple đã được ưa chuộng còn hơn cả Tesla - Ảnh 2.

Apple has never officially confirmed its car project, but it has long been rumored that this product is developed under the code name “Project Titan”.

Since the idea was first mentioned by CEO Tim Cook in a Bloomberg interview in 2017, not long after, another New York Times report said the company had to shelve this plan to focus on the future. focuses on developing self-driving car technology for other automakers.

Last year, Cook again told the New York Times about Apple’s interest in self-driving technology, while also expressing admiration for Tesla. ” A self-driving car is a robot and you can do a lot of things with this self-driving feature. Let’s see what Apple can do .” Cook told podcast channel Sway.

We love integrating hardware, software, and services together, and finding the points of convergence of those things, because we think that’s where the magic happens.

But Mr. Cook also acknowledges another uncomfortable truth – many of Apple’s ideas have ” never seen the light of day .”

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