The unlucky customers who bring iPhone to the Apple Store, there’s no way to get it back

Tram Ho

Apple’s treatment and containment of the Covid-19 epidemic is still commendable. One of Apple’s strongest moves is to close all Apple Store stores around the world (except for China) indefinitely. With the ongoing epidemic, Apple Store stores won’t be able to reopen until April, May, or even later.

Shutting down the Apple Store is essential, even if it severely affects Apple’s sales. However, the closure of the Apple Store led to another consequence for customers who had previously had their iPhone or Mac computer repaired.

Những khách hàng đen đủi mang iPhone đến Apple Store, đang không có cách nào để lấy lại - Ảnh 1.

These unlucky customers are no way to get their device back. Basically, the iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch or any other device is stuck at the Apple Store, and will last indefinitely.

An Apple spokesman said: “Unfortunately for those who still have their devices left to repair at Apple Store stores. There is no way to get those devices back until these Apple Store stores reopen. ”

For devices that have been sent to an Apple repair center, it will be a bit more fortunate. Because Apple will return these devices directly to customers, instead of the usual route of returning them through the Apple Store for customers to pick them up.

Previously, Apple had set the time to reopen the Apple Store on March 27. However, Apple changed and announced that the entire Apple Store will close indefinitely, until when is the latest notification.

If someone is working from home, while a MacBook or iPhone is still stuck in the Apple Store and doesn’t know when to get it back. That is really a nightmare.

Reference: Business Insider

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