Implement SearchView with many fifter with RxJava

Tram Ho

I, Preamble

  • Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you how to implement SearchView with many filters using RxJava in Android with my experience.
  • This is also the last article in the series Create 1 Search app complete with SearchView, RxJava and its data binding .
  • If people have not refer to their previous posts, you can refer to:
    • Part 1 : Custom SearchView is similar to google search – Link .
    • Part 2 : Implement SearchView without filter with RxJava – Link .
  • Taking advantage of the results achieved in part 1 and part 2, we will do this part 3.

II, The problem and how to do it

1, The problem

  • We have 2 sources of data returned from the server (similar to the database) to display together when the user searches.
  • Searching for Tag by repo.getTags () return Observable <List <Tag >> and search Post by repo.getPosts () return Observable <ListPost >>.
  • For each word the user fills in the SearchView will produce the corresponding tags and posts.
  • Filter condition: you can search by keyboard or tag (search results).

2, How to do it

  • In order to solve this problem, we need 2 important steps if we only choose to use 1 Adapter:
    • Step 1 : Create a wrap object – SearchResult to wrap 2 Tag and Post objects. Each SearchResult can contain 1 List of tags or only 1 Post
    • Step 2 : Based on the terms: Use the word Zip to combine 2 data sources to have a SearchResult list displayed for the user.
  • To better understand what people can observe the image below:
  • Note : You can also use MergeAdapter when you intend to use multiple Adapters but I will not give in this article.
  • Step 1: Create combine object – SearchResult.
  • Tag object:
  • Post object:
  • SearchResult object:
  • Step 2: Zip 2 data sources according to filter conditions:
  • Note : Do not forget that each time the user searches we need to recognize when the user searches with the keyboard and when to search with the tag.

III, Summary

  • Above is my experience when doing RxJava search with many filters.
  • With Android, we also have some other tools and directions to solve this problem such as MergerAdapter, coroutine …
  • It has been a long time since there has been no new knowledge for everyone, so the following article will share carefully every corner of power tool / design: coroutine .
  • There may be many people who have read through and know about this problem but I still want to dig into every corner of it.
  • Happy coding!
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