What is Hackintosh? Build macOS your way # 1

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What is Hackintosh? A hackintosh is simply a computer that is assembled and runs MacOS on hardware that is not manufactured by Apple.

Find out in detail what is Hackintosh?

For IT professionals, Hackintosh is quite familiar. But for the heathen, what is Hackintosh is quite a strange question.

As defined on wikipedia, Hackintosh is a computer running MacOS on a device that is not authorized by Apple or a computer that no longer receives official software updates.

The computer you see in the first image is running MacOS, but it is not a Mac computer. This is called Hackintosh – a computer assembled from many different components for the purpose of running MacOS on non-Apple hardware.

You are reading right: it is not necessary to buy a Mac to get the Apple experience (or Apple’s official applications), if you are willing to put in the effort to assemble a computer yourself.

In a way, the reason to buy, assemble, or turn your existing computer into a Hackintosh comes from the aspects that not everyone loves when buying a Mac from Apple: they’re expensive. , poor customization, and often not exactly what you want.

Conclusion: Hackintosh is a macOS system running on non- Apple hardware. Simply put, you install macOS on your pc or laptop, it is called Hackintosh . If you install well, Hackintosh can completely get the smooth and stable as real mac.

Install Hackintosh for?

Here are some reasons why people build their own Hackintosh computers instead of buying Macs from Apple.

– First, let’s talk about the right price, with a Hackintosh, you can get the Apple experience for much less than an expensive Mac.

YouTuber Snazzy Labs has assembled a Hackintosh system for only $ 350 (but more than 8 million) but gives the performance equivalent to Apple’s current models – as of January 2018.

– Of course, hackintosh installation is to be able to use macOS without buying a real mac.

  • macOS is very smooth, beautiful interface
  • There are separate software that Windows or Linux do not have:
    • Xcode for IOS programming (Must use MACOS)
    • Sketch for UX / UI
    • Final Cut Pro, iMovie for montages (
    • Logic X for making audio
    • Use super smooth
  • ICloud, iMessage and Facetime sync, can use handoff if you have a supported wifi card.
  • If you want to use macOS but can’t afford real mac, hackintosh is a reasonable and effective solution, but if you have a lot of money, you can buy real mac.


After Knowing What Hackintosh is, here’s a Mac comparison made by Apple and Hackintosh

criteriaMac AppleHackintosh
Price130 to 170% more expensive than Hackintosh with the same configurationCheap but very stable running
StyleBrand name, good quality, lightweight, compact, nice design.Assemble diverse components, quality depends on components, diverse design. A laptop can also install Hackintosh.
Computing powerSame configuration, Apple Mac can run better, use less powerAt the same cost, Hackintosh certainly runs faster. Scalable external graphics card, run overclock like a normal PC. Water radiators can be used if desired.
Install, upgrade OSEasy, inexperienced people do itNeed people who are knowledgeable about computers, take the time to read the instructions online. If you arbitrarily collapse the operating system kernel Kernel error.
Airplay supportGood supportGood support if using integrated Intel CPU HD4000 graphics card or higher
Support for multiple monitorsSome MacBook lines support wellA discrete graphics card with multiple DVI and HDMI ports is required such as Nvidia GTX 750. However, an external graphics card does not support Airplay
Support hand off call YosemiteOn newer Macs with Bluetooth, with Yosemite installed, calls can be forwarded to the computerYou must buy a genuine Apple Bluetooth card and plug it into the PCI E adapter to work . It costs an additional $ 50-100.
Ability to upgradePoor and expensive. Difficult to find thingsEasily change each part to upgrade. Favorite is to raise RAM. Plug in 32GRAM carefree.

Advantages and disadvantages

Performance on high price: same configuration, performance, Hackintosh will be much cheaper than real mac (about half or more)The installation will be quite difficult, take time to learn
Most current PC or laptop configurations can install a good hackintosh for work needsSome hardware will not be supported in mac, you will have to buy or replace such as wifi card
Hackintosh (macOS) uses very smoothly, stably, performance will be better than windows in many tasks and can completely synchronize with Apple’s ecosystemHackintosh (macOS) will not be for gaming but only for work, want to play games you install dual boot hackintosh and windows to play

Sounds interesting, right? But there is a point you need to know: building a Hackintosh system is a complicated process.

It is not impossible, but it is not easy. Assembling a Hackintosh system requires a lot of editing that most people aren’t familiar with, like those in the BIOS. You will also need to use some specialized tools created by Hackintosh experts to install macOS on Hackintosh.

Of course, if you are interested, nothing can stop your passion. You should see the basic knowledge before installing hackintosh after you know what Hackintosh is

Another problem: The selection of components for Hackintosh assembly is still quite limited.

Before buying components to assemble Hackintosh, you should read about the Guide to choose the proper configuration for installing Hackintosh

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Source: luulam.dev

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