Grab gives drivers a rating on how customers ride and deliver

Tram Ho

According to information of ICTnews, Grab’s star rating feature was announced on March 10 by Grab.

Grab said the implementation of the star rating feature was implemented with the desire to ensure fairness between the driver partner and the customer during the use of the application. This feature will also replace the cruise assessment feature Grab has used on the driver’s interface before.

The star rating feature allows Grabcar and GrabBike drivers to rate customers 1-5 stars right after the end of the ride. After the assessment, the driver can click “Send” now or choose more reasons below if there are problems with the trip / restaurant. For trips that have not been evaluated immediately after completion, the driver may return to the evaluation within 72 hours.

Grab cho tài xế đánh giá sao khách hàng đi xe và giao hàng - Ảnh 1.

Grab accounts can teach customers how to use the app. Artwork: Internet

Accordingly, in the event of problems: drunk customers, not paying freight, customers with inappropriate behavior, … Grab recommends its drivers “to remain calm”, no debate with customers, try to complete the ride, and use customer star rating to report problems with Grab. This is similar to the star rating feature that Grab provides customers to report incidents during the journey.

The driver can only evaluate once and has no right to edit. In the case of 1 – 4 star rating, Grab drivers are required to select the appropriate reason and clearly note the incident information.

Grab also recommends drivers need accurate feedback and “Absolutely no emotional choice.” In the case of drivers deliberately misleading reality will be handled in violation of the Code of Conduct for the driver partners. Grab also said: The number of customers will be recognized by Grab to better support the driver in the case of complaints and improve service experience, and will not be displayed to both customers and drivers.

The star rating feature is applied the test program from 10/3/2020 and implemented in turn for each partner group in Hanoi. It is expected that the feature will be applied from March 2020 across the city for GrabCar and all two-wheel Grab services. This means the delivery driver can also participate in guest reviews.

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