Google will beat other rivals with the price of Pixel 4a

Tram Ho

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that the iPhone SE 2020 can make Android fans change loyalty and switch to iOS. The newly launched iPhone SE costs just $ 399 for the 64GB version, allowing users who were previously ineligible to own an iPhone to have the opportunity to do so right now.

Android users, however, may not give up their loyalty, after Google launched the Pixel 4a. Because Google will make this Android smartphone much more attractive than Apple’s iPhone SE.

Google sẽ đánh bay các đối thủ khác bằng giá bán của Pixel 4a - Ảnh 1.

According to the latest 9to5Google source, the Pixel 4a will cost only $ 349 for the 128GB version. Previous rumors have confirmed that Google’s smartphone will cost $ 399 for the 64GB version, which is equivalent to the iPhone SE 2020.

$ 50 may not be a lot of money, but you get twice as much storage. Besides, $ 50 may not be a problem when you choose to buy a high-end smartphone. But for a mid-range smartphone, $ 50 can be a big difference.

Last year, Google launched the Pixel 3a for prices starting at $ 399. Therefore, it is hard to believe that this year’s successor will be even cheaper.

Of course, the iPhone SE still has a certain appeal when equipped with the most powerful chip today is A13, equivalent to high-end iPhone 11. Meanwhile, the performance score of Pixel 4a is only equivalent to Pixel 3 XL or flagship Android smartphones 2 years ago.

However, the Pixel 4a will have a 3.5mm headphone jack and the same software as other Google Pixel phones, along with impressive algorithmic imaging capabilities. If it doesn’t compete with the iPhone SE, the Pixel 4a can still afford to beat other Android rivals in the mid-range segment.

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