IPhone prices are getting cheaper and Android is getting more expensive?

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Speaking of iPhones and Android smartphones, the most obvious difference that many people will point out is the price. With affordable products in the high-end segment – and the one who pushed the top price to the thousand-dollar frame, the iPhone is considered the most expensive smartphone brand today. Meanwhile, thanks to the popularity of Samsung in the early years of the previous decade, Android smartphones are considered as “popular” options for those who can not afford.

However, with the recent moves of Apple and Android manufacturers, it seems that the other two sides of the mobile war are trying to swap places.

Chinese smartphones cost thousands of dollars

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Apple’s latest iPhone costs just a fraction of the top Chinese smartphone market.

The smartphone unveiled on March 15 is the most evident. On the same day, Apple launched the iPhone SE at $ 400, while the OnePlus brand unveiled the OnePlus 8/8 Pro duo at $ 700 and $ 900.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus was once considered the “top killer”, focusing on launching high-configuration smartphones at cheaper prices than other Android manufacturers. With the new price bracket, OnePlus is now as expensive as the 2019 iPhone, twice as expensive as the iPhone launched on the same day.

OnePlus is not the only one in the Android world who is rapidly increasing the price of top-tier smartphones. In February, the OnePlus brand (under the Chinese BBK group) of OnePlus, OPPO, launched the Find X2 Pro at the same price as the iPhone 11 Pro. Last year, another big BBK brand, Vivo, also set a price for its flagship Nex 3 5G model that competes directly with the iPhone 11.

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Chinese manufacturers are no longer afraid to touch “crazy” prices.

Huawei, the owner of the Chinese market, has long raised prices for its P and Mate lines. Recently, the P40 Pro +, even without Google services, is still being shouted by Huawei for up to 1400 euros. Previously, the Mate XS folding smartphone was also priced by Huawei up to 2500 Euro.

Even a brand that always claims to be “dumping” is that Xiaomi also reached this crazy price level with the Mi Mix Alpha model that opened at the end of 2019. This year, Xiaomi set the price for Mi 10. usually) at $ 600. This is the first time that Xiaomi has put its Mi flagship line in the “mainstream” premium price bracket , using a price that is twice as high as when it first appeared on the world market.

The two sides confront

If the Chinese giants dared to use this price bracket, the world’s top giant has no reason to compromise on price anymore. After the death of the S_e line just launched last year, Samsung this year brought the Galaxy S20 trio far ahead of the iPhone 11 trio in price. The cheapest model, the Galaxy S20 costs $ 1,000, is $ 300 more expensive than the iPhone 11. The most expensive model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra starts at $ 1400, almost on par with the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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In 2020, Samsung is not afraid to put the Galaxy S20 trio at a price higher than the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

On the same day as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung also lifted the Galaxy Z Flip display, the company’s second folding screen product. The starting price of Z Flip is 1400 USD. At this price, Samsung has made folding smartphones more accessible: last year, the Galaxy Fold when released (September) was valued at up to $ 2000.

For $ 2000, you can buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max, an “regular” iPhone 11 and an Apple Watch S3. For the same money, you can buy 5 newly released iPhone SEs.

Why is there a paradox?

This is only the second time Apple has lifted the smartphone screen at $ 400. When the first iPhone SE was unveiled in 2016, OnePlus 3 was still priced at $ 400, Mi 5 with Snapdragon 820 also started at over $ 300.

So far, the Mi price has doubled. And, while Android brands are getting more expensive, Apple has become more and more user friendly to the average user. The iPhone SE is not Apple’s first attempt to lower iPhone prices: the iPhone 11 starts at $ 50 cheaper than the iPhone XR when it launches. The iPhone XR is also not as dead as planned but is still sold for only $ 600. According to Counterpoint data, these two models lead the global best-selling smartphone rankings in 2019, showing that global users are responding positively to Tim Cook’s “softening price”.

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The price bracket is getting “softer” to penetrate deeper into the market share of Android vendors.

The former is unimaginable. Apple is getting cheaper, and Android smartphones are becoming very expensive.

What is the reason for these 2 paradoxes? Very simple: Apple and Android manufacturers are trying to grab each other’s pie. After years of mastering the high-end market, Apple wants to gradually move into the lower segments to regain market share from Android brands. On the opposite side, Samsung, Huawei and OPPO, after years of enjoying so little profit, are now seeking to change their image and break into the most fertile segment – the premium segment.

The smartphone war, which has been fierce throughout the past decade, will be even more fierce. As the two sides advance into each other’s territory, who will be the victor? Let’s wait and see.

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