Accusing Vietnam of supporting APT32 hacker group as “unfounded”

Tram Ho

The Foreign Ministry said accusing Vietnam of assisting a hacker group that had hacked networks into government agencies and businesses around the world as “unfounded”.

Answering Zing ‘s question about FireEye’s report on cyber-security organization FireEye accusing the Vietnamese government of supporting the APT32 hacker group, Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Ngo Toan Thang said: “This is information that is not available. basis”.

“Vietnam strictly prohibits acts of cyber attacks on organizations and individuals, in any form,” Mr. Thang added. “These acts … must be strictly punished according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.”

The high profile of Vietnam for hackers APT32 is 'there is no' picture 1 NTH_3305.jpg
Mr. Ngo Toan Thang, Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesperson. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He said that in 2018, the National Assembly of Vietnam passed the Cyber ​​Security Law and is finalizing documents to enforce the provisions of the law, to prevent cyber attacks.

“Vietnam is ready to cooperate with the international community in combating and preventing cyber-attacks in any form.”

Earlier, the report of the cybersecurity organization FireEye accused Vietnam of supporting the APT32 hacker group, which is said to have repeatedly cyber attacks on government agencies and businesses around the world, Reuters reported.

FireEye said the APT32 team tried to break into the personal email accounts and jobs of employees at China’s Ministry of Emergency Management and the Wuhan city center in January.

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