Best tips to improve organic SEO

Tram Ho

  1. Use Unique Titles and Meta Description: These are the probably the most important tags on your website. Make sure that your titles accurately describe the product/page and that Meta Description is a description of what’s on your page.
  2. Avoid duplicate URLs and content: There’s nothing search engines are more averse to than redundancy. This is why you should never copy and paste product descriptions and always create unique URL’s. Take a look at these PrestaShop modules to help you with URL Duplication to enhance your SEO efforts. Also, make sure to use relevant keywords on your product pages, a good start is by using Google Adwords Tool as a guide for what customers are searching and what your competitors are doing.
  3. Select strategic SEO keywords: One of the most important factors making Google rank you high is using the right keywords. The best way to define popular keywords is by using such tools as Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends.
  4. Use sitemap in your website: Submit a sitemap to Google including your most up to date inventory. Check out these PrestaShop modules to make it easy for you to create a sitemap.
  5. Create reasonable SEO meta tag: Metadata is used to help web crawlers index your site in the correct manner. Meta titles and meta descriptions should be not too long or too short. The recommended length is about 200 characters.
  6. Use your keyword in URLs: URL rewriting is a native feature in PrestaShop which can be found in your back office under Preferences > SEO & URLs. For better SEO try to avoid URL’s that look like math equations and include keywords in product URL’s.
  7. Install Seo module for Prestashop on your website, it helps you automatically generate optimized SEO tags, display your page SEO status. Link to download SEO module:
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