Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot the future of the education Industry

Tram Ho

The increasing technology in everyday life has lead to the rise of advanced skills and the way how students learn and absorb information. Technology is one of the most imperative factors is shaping new industries and letting them have a better impact in the future.

Today we are able to have a personalized experience in the field of education wherein the students and educators collaborate and have a better understanding of subjects and queries pertaining. Well, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data collectively are a powerful combination of technology bringing out the best possible outcomes in terms of the booming education industry.

What’s so good about Artificial Intelligence?

With the academic world going progressive, AI has a big role to play! Beginning from the allowance of automating the administrative tasks to minimizing the time consumed by the to complete complex tasks and helping out the educators spend more of their valuable time with their students. Artificial Intelligence has completely transformed the field of education. Here are a few more points briefing clearly about the power of AI-

• Cutting the downtime of administrative tasks

As mentioned earlier, technology gives power to the administrative tasks where the educating staff used to spend most of their time. The tasks include- grading exams, assessing homework and providing their feedbacks/reports which are required to be student-specific. With the implementation of AI, the grades can be automated (with a few conditions to be auto-applied), this can even work for multiple examinations. Another advantage is the classification and processing of paperwork, which usually eats up the maximum time of the teaching staff. AI solution providers can work wonders when it comes to handling various works and get them sorted earliest possible.

• Personalized Learning

This is can be best explained by the personal recommendation basis our searches on YouTube, Netflix, etc. the technology behind tracing and monitoring user behavior is the power of artificial intelligence. Similar technology is used to cater and target the users to provide them with a personalized learning experience. While AI can manage tasks to a higher extent but, it possibly cannot replace teachers and the working staff, as they’re most suited to perform tasks and handle student queries in the most effective possible way. AI customizes the assignments, but they’re necessarily prepared by the teachers, ensuring best possible assistance.

• Global Learning

Education has no limitations and so does should learning be. AI can help to eliminate boundaries bringing a drastic transition by facilitating learning from anywhere in the world, at any given time. Artificial Intelligence-powered education provides students with IT skills. With the help of significant inventions, there will be a wider range of courses available online with the smart usage if AI, students can learn and interact with teachers around the globe at their convenience and timing. AI further improves new efficiencies and unleashes complete smarter & smoother IT processes, minimizing the downtime.

How can Big Data Help in the process?

The education sector has been quite critical for both society and individuals. Though the education industry has been a bit slow in the adaptation, leaving the students struck with updates and information on their doubts. While the career is one of the most imperative factors, the potential to shape the future not just for the students but largely at the economy of a nation. The usage of technology here can be a big advantage to facilitate the students and teachers connect conveniently and get in touch whenever they wish to! Read on to know the possible way out hoe Big Data can level up the education sector.

• Smoother Learning Process

Big data and personalization go hand in hand, perfectly complimenting each other. Big data has ab ability track various user patterns and makes it easy to draw inferences from the behavior. Those simplified inferences are then used to create custom learning pathways for every associated student. Further it allows them to select the modules they have chosen and take tests (live and time-bounded) as and when they’re comfortable with. The personalized learning process is far more effective than the ones in which the people are expected to learn and stay at a similar pace.

• Measuring Student Performance

In all educational programs, it is imperative to measure the student performance and that needs to have some preset parameters. Being able to monitor how well the students are doing in various aspects will help in improving the course over time. though this has not been the easiest thing to do in case of large number of students or an institution including different sections. With the help of internet-based learning courses, the designers can keep track of data points/ parameters including how long students take to answer each question in the assignments and tests, how many times they return oi view a particular text or the videos recorded by the educators. With the use of machine learning, it goes easy to analyze how students’ interests evolve, understanding how scientific research in different fields develops.

• Increased Participation

There has been a decline of interest in taking on formal education. A few surveys have shown that attaining higher degrees does not guarantee a better future once it’s done! With big data technology, it provides an ability to customize the content and timeliness of the provided courses suiting one’s requirements. More students are keen to take part in distance learning, most of them can be categorized as working professionals who’re willing to continue studies along with the career simultaneously. The revolution in the education industry has provided the students with ease, for instance, people who were not able to pursue education in specific field considering financial and time burden have now been able to attain education properly with the help of big data development company. The advancements in the field of education have led to new innovative solutions for data storage, privacy and information security, which will be immensely impactful and profitable experience.

Are Chatbots also impactful?

Chatbots are the current sensation. Chatbots are artificially conversational tools, built to improve student interaction and collaboration, act as a game-changer in the innovative tech world. Here’s why chatbots can be the next big sensation-

• Empowering Learning

Chatbots are the first source of connection without human intervention. Chatbots with artificial intelligence technology can be used to teach students by cutting down the long lecture and in a series of messages, making it look like a chat conversation with the potential to be highly interactive. The bot may access the level of understanding of the student and thus present the next session of the pre-recorded lectures accordingly.

• Enhanced Student Engagement

Today’s students are already white well versed with instant messaging platforms and social media. Students use quick communication methods to interact with one another, find answers to the pertaining queries and work collectively on an assignment. Imagine, the smooth messaging between teachers and students with the help of messaging. Chatbots are created to help students, college groups and teachers by providing them a smart & easy way to communicate.

• Efficient Teaching Assistants

Teachers cannot always be readily available and that’s the reason why teaching assistants can be a great advantage to the students who are looking to get their queries answered and doubts rectified. A few bots, specially designed for students, specifically target course modules, lesson plans, assignments, and deadlines. Bots are intelligent to monitor learning process of the students and recommend the suited content to them.

Technology has a lot of instore in the education industry! With the various technologies at work, experience an all-new learning system providing the students with the most necessary technological advancements, boosting study experiences and further options to get their careers on track.

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