Zoom vs Skype: which video meeting is more convenient?

Tram Ho

Both tools can be used for online meetings, the basic features are the same, enough for normal use. However, Skype and Zoom have their own advantages, and I also often use both in the case of the case.

Skype vs Zoom model

Basically Skype is a chat application, its everything revolves around the group chat. Group with 1 person, group with many people, group with the whole company … You can only call people in the group, those who do not join the group do not know your call. You can still share the link to the group, add more people to the group, kick the old people out …

Meanwhile, Zoom does not need to be set up in groups, but they use the term “Meeting”. A meeting can have many participants, and with only one link, anyone can join the meeting (if you need security, you are allowed to set a password for the meeting). You can post this link to any chat group, send it via email, send it to the company’s web bulletin, class meeting etc.


Zoom allows you to set up a fixed MeetingID, so the link will also be fixed. Every time you need a meeting or a teaching session, you don’t need to create a new meeting.

The nice thing is that you can schedule a meeting to start. This is convenient when you need to create a Google Calendar calendar event and invite multiple people, then you create a meeting and send them a link via Google Calendar. At the right time, the meeting activated itself, you guys just came to attend.

I prefer Zoom now because I don’t use Skype to chat, so basically I don’t have any Skype group chat with other friends in the company. Perhaps every time we need to meet, we need to create different groups? So laborious. Instead, just send the attached link to the meeting event on Google Calendar and invite the people involved is fine. Quick + convenient.

What about the transfer speed?

I think they are both the same, whether you make a call with or without video. If the international network is slow, both Zoom and Skype are likely to be slow, the image quality is degraded. For this part, neither one is better.


Zoom and Skype both support phone calls, video calls, connect to conference room systems (conference room) including speakers, desk microphones and many people use. In my company, I also set up a computer connected to the webcam in the meeting room to be able to use it quickly whenever I need to meet, then connect the speakers and the directional microphone is delicious.

Both Zoom and Skype support screen sharing, but I prefer Zoom because it allows sharing a specific window, not the whole screen. This is important because when meeting many people, you just want to show them what you need to see, not see more messages and notifications. The windows containing sensitive information that you forgot to turn off will not leak out. Meanwhile, Skype only allows sharing the whole screen only.

Update: Skype also, hidden in the arrow button.

I find that Zoom also has many functions to note, draw on the screen, but I rarely use it, so I have no special impression with it. I think teachers and students will use this feature a lot. Please use Zoom to share more.

Zoom also allows to share the screen from iPhone to iPad, wirelessly and wired, I have everything.


Price of Skype vs Zoom

Skype is free for all fronts, while Zoom is free for 1-1 calls, group calls are 40 minutes free, after which the call will disconnect itself. If you use it for a company or organization, you can afford to buy it, not too stressful because the convenience you receive can help the company earn more money. Personally, Skype is okay, no problem.

Zoom purchase, you only need to buy it for the host of the meeting, the participants do not need to buy. The price for the cheapest host is from $ 14.99 / month, supports up to 100 callers, the time limit is 24 hours, basically enough for you to spend for 99% of the demand.

This is the price of Zoom, please refer to it.


Which should be used for which case?

In my opinion:

  • Skype : calling groups of friends, study groups, close colleagues, companies using Skype is convenient and familiar, so there is no need to switch to another solution.
  • Zoom : call a group of colleagues, project groups, call a group with both people in the company, just outside the company, set up an online meeting to send via online invitation. Zoom is especially useful for companies that do not use Skype as their primary means of communication

Currently I still use two guys in parallel, for the purposes above. If you have any further information, please share it.

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Source : Techtalk