YouTuber plays loudly when programming Minecraft by himself for 24 hours continuously, not bothering to use the Internet to watch tutorials

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Minecraft is an inherently familiar game of the gaming world, popular among all ages thanks to its creative gameplay. Released in 2009 by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and the company Mojang (acquired by Microsoft in late 2014), Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies, with $415 million in sales as of date. 2020 (according to Business of Apps statistics). This game is also available on the most popular gaming platforms today such as PC, consoles (Xbox, PlayStation 4, 5), Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

Basically, Minecraft can be considered as a survival – adventure game with the context of a large open world in the style of blocky pixel graphics. Players can freely search and collect resources to create items or weapons, serving them in the process of exploring the world around them. However, the potential that Minecraft possesses is much greater than that, when this game also offers many other game modes, allowing players to unleash their creativity such as construction mode or multiplayer mode. play. Although there is an achievement system, players are allowed to freely explore this game without having to follow any instructions or rules.

YouTuber chơi lớn khi tự lập trình Minecraft trong 24 giờ liên tục, không thèm dùng Internet để xem hướng dẫn - Ảnh 1.

Minecraft is currently one of the most popular and best-selling games in the world thanks to its simple yet creative gameplay. This is also an array of content that many YouTubers have exploited over the years.

Although the graphics are simple, it is clear that creating a world that is both large and operable in Minecraft is not an easy task. That’s why this game went through a 2.5-year alpha test before its official launch. However, YouTuber Sam Hogan decided to “go big” when he reprogrammed a “poke” version of Minecraft in just 24 hours. Perhaps not feeling cool enough, Sam decided not to use the Internet for the time being, which meant he had to program the game himself from AZ without any help from the online community.

The software that Sam uses is Unity – a game engine that is quite popular among game developers for computers, consoles and phones. This YouTuber decided to work in a “roll” style and produced each type of terrain and material in Minecraft in sequence: From rocks, hills, plants, and then moved to rivers, seas, and warehouses. main character’s map. All are done carefully from the stage of writing the code to the decoration of the material of the typical blocks in Minecraft. And of course, the game still works well with familiar functions such as mining or construction. However, Sam “confessed” that he went online to see instructions for 1 or 2 problems to complete his project, and admitted that he had broken the law he set out from the beginning.

You can follow this guy’s Minecraft creation process in detail in the video below – which has now attracted nearly 9 million views on YouTube.

[Vietsub] YouTuber self-programmed Minecraft within 24 hours using Unity Game Engine, still full of basic features of the original.

Although it’s just a remake, completed in 24 hours, Sam Hogan’s Minecraft is still a game that has both functionality and basic design for players to experience. If interested, you can download or refer to the code that Sam used here .

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