YouTube updates a feature to help warn pirated videos before being posted

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In an effort to make video uploading and advertising monetization easier, YouTube has updated a new tool called “Checks”. This tool allows content creators to know if their video is copyright infringement and is in full compliance with advertising rules, even before it’s posted.

YouTube cập nhật tính năng giúp cảnh báo video vi phạm bản quyền trước khi được đăng tải - Ảnh 1.

Before this Checks tool, creators only had to upload videos to YouTube and hope everything went well. If their video contains pirated content, lightweight, the monetization feature of the video may be removed, heavy, it can lead to “color flying” the channel to build.

The new feature will help screen videos containing pirated content before being posted. As a result, content creators can proactively remove the video, or discuss with the copyright owners about ad revenue.

YouTube cập nhật tính năng giúp cảnh báo video vi phạm bản quyền trước khi được đăng tải - Ảnh 2.

YouTube’s goal is to reduce the number of “yellow icons,” creators see next to their videos. These yellow icons are intended to mark videos that have copyright problems or violate advertising rules, making them unable to generate revenue from ads.

YouTube’s new system is based on Content ID. If the system detects that the video is pirated, it will automatically apply the copyright owner’s policy. That means depending on the policy, the video can be blocked entirely, or still posted, but the ad revenue will belong to the copyright owner.

The creator who posts the video will receive a notification via Checks. They can actively remove the pirated content, then post normally. That also means that the video will be able to start monetizing ads the second time it is posted, instead of having to spend a long time for YouTube claiming ownership as before.

So what if a creator’s video is found to be pirated, but they don’t think they’re wrong? YouTube will allow disputed creators to claim. YouTube will then initiate a review to see if the video actually contains pirated content. This will take about a few days.

This is really a very useful feature for YouTubers, avoiding the unfortunate cases of video being deleted or the channel being warned because of future piracy disputes.

Reference: theverge

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