YouTube opens the way for students to study and earn college credits

Tram Ho

The Google-owned company today (January 25) said its new program, called College Foundations, is designed to make it easier for students to access and earn college credit.

Accordingly, students can register for 4 courses starting on March 7 and if they complete the program, they will be accepted to transfer credits. The program does not require an application or a minimum GPA. “The course is mainly aimed at freshmen and the curriculum is mainly with foundation subjects such as: Communication and people, rhetoric and essay writing, mathematics or American history.

The program is expected to expand to 12 courses by January 2025 to give students the opportunity to receive full credit for their first year of college. “Courses may be offered as often as possible until students are satisfied with their grades. Credits can then be used at institutions that accept training credits from Arizona State University” – Specialization Techcrunch page for information on Youtube .

College Foundations is an expansion of an existing partnership between Arizona State University, YouTube, and Crash Course, an educational channel with more than 14 million subscribers and founded by John and Hank Green.

Before registering for the official course to accumulate credits, students can refer to the free courses.

“Developed and taught by the same faculty at Arizona State University campuses, the lessons also incorporate Crash Courses’ engaging storytelling – all available on the YouTube platform” – the company said in a blog post.

YouTube has long been the “home of educational content,” and its ability to earn college credits makes it even more focused by providing users with a direct path to formal education.

The announcement comes as YouTube recently announced a new feature called “Courses” on its YouTube channel in India. The new feature allows teachers to publish and organize their videos, and provide reading materials and quizzes right on the video app.

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Source : Genk