YouTube announces a new interface, content creators are both happy and worried

Tram Ho

Right now, when you visit YouTube, you will see a new interface. Changed towards computer and tablet users, not mobile apps or apps. The design feels more liberal than before but in return, the content is displayed less.

Both avatars and video titles are much bigger than before, giving viewers an idea of ​​what the video is about. It also adds higher resolution previews. YouTube removes some items to make room for breaking news or breaking news.

YouTube công bố giao diện mới, nhà sáng tạo nội dung vừa mừng vừa lo - Ảnh 1.

New YouTube interface. Photo: Internet

The company also put the option “save to playlist” on the desktop. Just click on the full dot icon in your avatar and choose “save to playlist later” or “save to playlist”. The playlist will be deleted after closing the browser. So, if you want to save videos for viewing on other devices, you should still use the option to watch later.

Another mobile feature that is brought to the desktop is channel hints. Click on the three full dots next to the video on the homepage, select “Don’t care”. As such, the videos of these channels will not appear on the YouTube homepage again. However, this is not a “block” button completely because the video is still present when searching, Trending cards or if you directly access the channel.

All changes are intended to enhance the viewer experience but for some authors it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, their videos have more “ground” and a larger brand identity. On the other hand, a decrease in the homepage density results in fewer videos being shown to the viewer.

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Source : ictnews