YouMed – Applying CDN becomes the leading smart health application

Tram Ho

At such a sensitive time, many people have been actively using smart medical applications to search for doctors and book medical appointments, minimize the time in queue and wait in the hospital. Amidst countless medical applications, YouMed with diverse features is widely known and trusted.

So what makes YouMed different from other apps besides the core features?

The answer is TECHNOLOGY

More specifically, CDN – the solution to help speed up the download of the application, has helped YouMed gradually conquer users, becoming one of the leading appointment scheduling applications today.

Smart health apps: What are the key criteria that keep users engaged?

As an online medical solution application that helps Vietnamese users find the right doctor and make an easy appointment, YouMed now includes a website and two app versions running on iOS and Android.

YouMed - Áp dụng CDN trở thành ứng dụng y tế thông minh hàng đầu - Ảnh 1.

For medical examination and treatment, urgency is always the top priority. Try to put yourself in critical condition, you will understand how valuable the 1s is. Therefore, in order to fulfill responsibilities, a medical application must always give maximum priority to the increase of download speed, fully meet the needs of users immediately and ensure stability in any situation. come on.

Especially with YouMed, the application has thousands of hits per day coming from different geographical locations and can spike at peak time, the risk of page load speed is impossible. avoid. Without a reasonable solution, the YouMed application will certainly encounter numerous problems from page load speed to “fling” users when traffic hits the overloaded threshold.

Recognizing this challenge, YouMed chose a CDN solution to ensure fast page load speed, preventing any potential risks in urgent situations. This has become the first criterion that helps YouMed create a strong connection that makes users stick with the application for a long time.

Applying CDN while ensuring strict cost control: Is there a solution to the whole road?

The answer is yes.

That is the BizFly CDN solution. YouMed uses this solution to speed up application loading while ensuring accurate operating cost control up to the minute.

CDN is a system of many servers located in data centers on many strategic locations, specializing in providing static copies of data from the original server to users in the nearest geographical location. YouMed’s original server is located in Ho Chi Minh City, when users access in Hai Phong, the server located in Hanoi will serve users immediately. This not only guarantees page loading speed but also minimizes the risk of system overload for YouMed.

In order to create a strict cost control problem, YouMed has two requirements: calculating “pay as you go” – ie, where to pay to get there, accurate to the minute and control the resources used are not exceeded. over 100GB / day. After careful calculations based on the actual situation, BizFly Cloud technical team has provided solutions to fully meet the requirements set by customers.

With a simple operation, YouMed points the DNS (Domain Name Resolution System) to the BizFly CDN server and points it back to the original server when the bandwidth traffic reaches the threshold of 100GB. With this solution, the traffic never exceeds the budget that YouMed set from the beginning.

YouMed has found a comprehensive solution in terms of both features and cost control thanks to the careful understanding when choosing service providers. If businesses have problems applying cloud computing solutions, first look for reputable service providers. By a dedicated and capable unit that not only provides services, but also offers the most practical solutions, creating momentum for the enterprise to thrive.

BizFly CDN is a solution to increase page loading speed of BizFly Cloud – one of 4 core enterprises in “Campaign to promote digital transformation by Vietnam cloud computing technology” of Ministry of Information and Communications; fully meet all criteria and technical specifications of cloud computing platform serving e-government / e-government.

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