Yahoo had a different outcome if one of these things happened

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Yahoo can be seen as a symbol of the resurgence of the dot-com bubble period in the late 90s. In the midst of that storm, Yahoo rose to become a monument of the world’s Internet with rapid growth through maintenance. a variety of services attracted tens of millions of people to visit at that time.

Although significantly weakened since the late 2010s, Yahoo still has at least a few chances to turn over if there are more assertive decisions. Unfortunately, the eight leaders of this company (including two interim CEOs) have not been able to reverse the game.

Agree to buy back Google

That was in 1998, Google of two young students Larry Page and Sergey Brin just started. The duo wanted to sell it for $ 1 million to focus on studying at Stanford.

Yahoo turned down the offer, and co-founder David Filo even referred the two to angel investor Michael Moritz, one of the first contributors to Google.

Yahoo đã có kết cục khác nếu một trong những điều này xảy ra - Ảnh 1.

Yahoo founder David Filo lost the biggest fish of his life.

But the story has not stopped there. In 2002, Yahoo had another opportunity to correct the mistake. This time CEO Terry Semel offered a price of $ 3 billion at the time, but Page and Brin said that it was necessary to put at least $ 5 billion on the negotiating table.

Later, in 2018, in the memoir of the former senior business manager at Yahoo at that time, Jeremy Ring had to say: “$ 1 million is probably the best offer in Silicon Valley history, America. , The Earth and the Milky Way ”.

Yahoo was overly confident at the time, with a valuation of $ 125 billion, was the largest Internet company on the planet in the early 2000s. “We were more valuable than Ford, Chrysler and General Motors combined. Damn it, we’re also more valuable than Disney, Viacom and New Corp combined. Every great American brand can be swallowed up by us ”.

Successfully acquired Facebook

It was a hot summer day in July 2006, in a cramped meeting room at Facebook’s temporary headquarters, 22-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and two investors Peter Thiel and Jim Breyer discussed whether to sell themselves. .

Meanwhile, Facebook received an offer worth $ 1 billion in cash from Yahoo. This fledgling social network has only about 8-9 million users, has 20-30 million USD in revenue and is still unprofitable.

Both Thiel and Breyer agree with this lucrative deal, holding money to share to enjoy a cool Mojito cocktail on a cruise on the island of Hawaii.

The young man who had just dropped out of Harvard strongly opposed. “ This is just a normal board meeting, not even 10 minutes. We have nothing to sell here . ”

Yahoo đã có kết cục khác nếu một trong những điều này xảy ra - Ảnh 2.

Mark Zuckerberg was just a student who just dropped out of school but was very assertive.

Zuckerberg was extremely confident because Facebook was about to open the News Feed feature and Yahoo didn’t know what to do with its aging products. Of course at the time, Zuckerberg was jubilantly kicked out by too much ‘illusion of power’. But then the rest has become history.

Facebook was valued at $ 90 billion when it went public in 2012, making it the biggest event in Silicon Valley history for a tech company to sell shares to the public for the first time. That might not have happened had that day Facebook sold itself to Yahoo.

Sell ​​yourself to Microsoft

It was a New Year’s Day in January 2008, when software giant Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for $ 44.6 billion, in order to combat the growth of an emerging adversary in search. search for Google.

CEO Steve Ballmer at the time was very persistent with the acquisition plan, spending 18 months negotiating with Yahoo’s senior leadership. Unfortunately, Yahoo’s change in leadership was so fast that Ballmer could not turn around.

At the time, Microsoft made a very good offer that Yahoo shareholders could choose to get $ 31 in cash per share, or exchange one Yahoo share for 0.9509 Microsoft shares.

Yahoo đã có kết cục khác nếu một trong những điều này xảy ra - Ảnh 3.

Yahoo had a chance to correct the mistake when he returned to Microsoft, but that didn’t happen.

Microsoft tried to speed up the acquisition of advertising companies like Yahoo, because Google was on the way to rapid growth and was almost unstoppable.

In May 2008, Microsoft decided to give up this deal when Yahoo management unanimously refused because it thought the price to sell itself was too cheap, even when Microsoft raised the price by 5 billion USD.

Microsoft and Yahoo then came to a smaller deal on Yahoo Search, but that was not enough to stop Google from outperforming both in search.

Don’t sell shares in Alibaba

In 2005, Yahoo owned a 40% stake in Alibaba for $ 1 billion thanks to a special relationship between Jerry Yang and Jack Ma.

In 2012, investors pressured Yahoo to sell this 20% stake for $ 7.6 billion. That same year, Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang also left the company.

Yahoo đã có kết cục khác nếu một trong những điều này xảy ra - Ảnh 4.

Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang was instrumental in the Alibaba deal, but there was nothing he could do about it afterwards.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s last CEO, has criticized the short-sighted views of investors in the past. She named two investors, Carl Icahn and Daniel Loeb, who led the group of interests that dominated Yahoo’s forced sale of shares in Alibaba and caused tens of billions of dollars in losses.

The female general’s criticism was ineffective when Yahoo continued to sell itself to Verizon in 2017 for $ 4.48 billion. Mayer resigned, Yahoo and the remaining assets were renamed Altaba.

After selling sporadic shares to investors to divest, in 2019, Altaba also sold the remaining 11% stake in Alibaba for $ 40 billion to dissolve the company. Previously, the remaining stake in Yahoo Japan was sold by Altaba to SoftBank of Japan for $ 4.3 billion.

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