Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have a bigger screen, supporting touchless payment worldwide

Tram Ho

Xiaomi’s next Mi Band is likely to have a bigger screen and support for zero-touch payments – according to a recent leak.

Specifically, the Tizen Help website said, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2-inch screen compared to the 0.95-inch screen currently on Mi Band 4.

This page also confirms that the screen quality of Mi Band 5 will be higher, easier to read under direct sunlight. In addition, other sources also said that Mi Band 5 will support airless payment in all markets. Previously, Xiaomi only equipped NFC to allow non-touch payments on the Mi Band version specifically for the Chinese market. It is unclear whether the company will bring its Mi Pay service to the world market, or whether it will be open to other third-party payment services, including Google Pay.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 sẽ có màn hình lớn hơn nữa, hỗ trợ thanh toán không chạm trên toàn thế giới - Ảnh 1.

Mi Band 4 is currently one of the very popular smart bands on the market

However, like all rumors, we should only read this information for reference only. Because the Tizen Help website was not very prominent in the previous product information leaks, and they themselves did not specify where the information they got comes from.

Not long ago, a Xiaomi leader once confirmed that the company is developing the fifth generation of its popular and low-cost health monitoring bracelet, but did not disclose when it was due to launch. Products.

Reference: TechRadar

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