Xiaomi launches the convection microwave oven: Support baking, control via smartphone, price 1.8 million

Tram Ho

Xiaomi has just launched a new model of the convection microwave oven on its crowdfunding platform Youpin, called MIJIA Convection Microwave Oven. In addition to heating food like other products on the market, the MIJIA microwave oven also has a unique ability to grill meat.

Xiaomi ra mắt lò vi sóng đối lưu: Hỗ trợ nướng, điều khiển qua smartphone, giá 1.8 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

In terms of design, the MIJIA convection microwave still follows the minimalist language like other Xiaomi products, has a single color tone and is white. In addition, it also has only two multi-function keys and a multi-function knob to adjust the temperature.

The MIJIA microwave oven has a capacity of up to 23 liters, supports a variety of cooking styles, including food heating, Roasting (evenly hot air baking, used when large pieces of meat, large thickness, need well-done) and Grilling (heat-focused baking at the bottom, used for steaks, vegetables, sausages, and meats with thin and moderate thickness).

Microwave convection MIJIA

Like other Xiaomi smart home products, the MIJIA microwave convection also allows users to control remotely right on the smartphone. Through the MIJIA application, users can also easily look up the available recipes, thus providing an easier and more convenient cooking experience.

MIJIA convection microwave ovens are expected to start being sold in China from August 11 on the crowdfunding platform Youpin, with a retail price of 549 yuan (about 1.8 million dong).

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