Xiaomi launches smart motion detection sensor, priced at only 170,000 VND

Tram Ho

Continuing in the series “Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem” is a new product called Mi Human Sensor 2. As the name suggests, this is a small device capable of detecting the user’s movements and performing any action previously set by the user.

Xiaomi says that the Mi Human Sensor 2 can intelligently track motion regardless of the environmental conditions, whether it’s bright or dark, the user’s movements are always recorded.

Xiaomi ra mắt cảm biến phát hiện chuyển động thông minh, giá chỉ 170.000 đồng - Ảnh 1.

Mi Human Sensor 2 can be connected to other smart home devices in the home as well as smartphones to set up custom recognition. For example, users can set Mi Human Sensor 2 to specify to turn on the light in the night when motion is detected, or when it detects that the house / apartment is hacked, Mi Human Sensor 2 will send a command to a smart. Some indoor camera is recorded and sent to Mijia app on the user’s smartphone.

Mi Human Sensor 2 uses a standard CR2450 battery with low energy technology that according to Xiaomi is able to be used for 1 year without changing the battery. Users can also check battery status, Bluetooth signal level inside the Mijia app.

Mi Human Sensor 2 is currently being raised on the Chinese Xiaomi Youpin platform for 49 yuan, equivalent to about 170,000 VND. After a period of fundraising, the price will increase to 59 yuan, equivalent to 207,000 VND. Products will start to be sold on December 2 here.

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Source : Genk