Xiaomi launches MIUI 12: Upgrading the interface, improving security, monitoring health

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In addition to Mi 10 Youth Edition, Xiaomi has just launched MIUI 12 – its next customized Android interface version at an event held in China. At the same time, this is also a product celebrating 10 years since the first MIUI version was released in 2010.

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 1.

Official logo of MIUI 12

Design MIUI 12

Design and animation are core components of a user interface (UI). Therefore, to complete them on MIUI 12, Xiaomi has developed a separate framework called “MIUI motion effects system”.

This framework will allow the creation of more realistic lighting and shading effects, advanced color customization, real-time blur (blur) effects, better aliasing, and improved algorithms. so that the curves in the user interface look smoother and match the screen of the phone more.

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 2.

In addition, the animations (animations) on MIUI 12 have been improved quite a lot, in which the duration of the animation will depend on the user’s touch interaction. When opening and closing an application, the icon will also change with the reduction / enlargement effect in three dimensions.

In the application arrangement screen, Xiaomi has added a series of new effects for icons, feedback in real time based on the direction and speed of gestures. These animations are fairly smooth in motion and provide an interesting user experience.

MIUI 12 – Animation

MIUI 12 has an animation system everywhere, from the icons in the control center, the battery app, the file manager, the note app, the calendar application, or when the user performs a task. Uninstall application …

The latest MIUI version of Xiaomi also uses highly uniform fonts and, overall, has an intuitive design. Besides, MIUI 12 also has a completely new dark Mode 2.0 interface with many improvements, optimized to bring the best experience to users.

Live wallpaper and Always-On Display interface (AOD)

MIUI 12 – Live wallpaper & AOD

In addition to animation, Xiaomi also added a series of live wallpapers and a new AOD interface, inspired by planets in the solar system such as Mars and Earth. When unlocking the screen, “these planets” will rotate and zoom from space view to close-up mode just a few hundred meters from the surface.

Security features

MIUI 12 is equipped with new security features called Flare, Barbed Wire and Mask System. Specifically, Flare will save all the rights and information that any application is allowed to access, then notify users with warnings of different colors every time an application is used. Your camera, microphone or GPS location.

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 5.

Meanwhile, the Barbed Wire feature will be responsible for managing access rights on Android, such as requiring users to allow access to location, microphone or camera with only one-time options, allowing at any time or decline the application request.

Finally, Mask System will prevent unreliable applications from accessing important information such as contacts, calendars, call logs, IMEI, etc.On the other hand, this feature can also detect applications. User is attempting to record user information without permission.

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 6.

Multitasking & Gestures

MIUI is one of the first custom Android interfaces to integrate a gesture navigation system, but they are quite different from the navigation gestures on iOS and Android 10. For MIUI 12, Xiaomi has redesigned navigation gestures and now, they will work similarly on Android 10.

MIUI 12 – Multitasking & gestures

Multi-screen and Picture-in-picture

In addition to the new navigation gesture system, MIUI 12 also adds new options for better multi-screen display and multitasking. Specifically, it can display the chat window as a pop-up on other applications, more convenient for users when playing games or watching videos …

MIUI 12 – Multi-screen and Picture-in-picture

AI Calling

Similar to Google Duplex, Xiaomi has added the AI ​​Calling feature on MIUI 12, specially designed for users with hearing impairment. The conversation will be fully transcribed to support users with hearing impairment, who can choose from a group of AI-generated answers instead of speaking to continue the conversation.

MIUI 12 – AI Calling

Health tracking feature

In addition to recording the footsteps, the gyroscope sensor available on Xiaomi and Redmi phones will be used to track users’ sports practices, such as running, walking, cycling. and climb the stairs. According to Xiaomi, this feature works up to 96% more accurately than the Apple Watch.

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 10.

Sleep tracking feature

For MIUI 12, Xiaomi also added a sleep tracking feature based on the movements of the user during the operation, thereby determining the quality of sleep. In addition, it also records information about sleep, such as total sleep time, deep sleep time or even snoring.

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 11.

MIUI 12 update schedule

Currently, Xiaomi has opened the closed beta of MIUI 12 closed beta test for users in China. Selected users will receive OTA updates from today (April 27).

Xiaomi ra mắt MIUI 12: Nâng cấp giao diện, nâng cao bảo mật, theo dõi sức khoẻ - Ảnh 12.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer has also announced the list of supported smartphone models updated to MIUI 12 and divided into three phases. As expected, the first stable update of MIUI 12 will be launched from June.

Below is a list of Xiaomi / Redmi phones eligible to update to MIUI 12:


– Xiaomi Mi 10

– Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

– Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition

– Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G

– Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

– Xiaomi Mi 9

– Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition

– Redmi K30 Pro

– Redmi K30 5G

– Redmi K30

– Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition

– Redmi K20 Pro

– Redmi K20


Session 2

– Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

– Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

– Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

– Xiaomi Mi CC9

– Xiaomi Mi CC9 Meitu Edition

– Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

– Xiaomi Mi 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition

– Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

– Xiaomi Mi 8

– Redmi Note 8 Pro

– Redmi Note 7 Pro

– Redmi Note 7


3rd round

– Xiaomi Mi CC9e

– Xiaomi Mi Note 3

– Xiaomi Mi Max 3

– Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition

– Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

– Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

– Xiaomi Mi 6X

– Redmi Note 8

– Redmi 8

– Redmi 8A

– Redmi 7

– Redmi 7A

– Redmi 6 Pro

– Redmi 6

– Redmi 6A

– Redmi Note 5

– Redmi S2

Note that the above list only includes devices sold in China. The list of smartphones (distributed internationally) that are eligible to update to MIUI 12 may have some changes, including more or fewer devices.

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