Xiaomi launches Mi Water Purifier 1200G water purifier: Dual RO filter core, multiple modes, priced at 10.7 million

Tram Ho

Xiaomi has just launched a new water purifier model in China, the full name is Mi Water Purifier 1200G. The product is equipped with advanced dual-core RO filtration technology with large water flow, high purified water ratio and significantly improved filter life compared to the previous generation.

The water purification speed of Mi Water Purifier 1200G is 3.2 liters / minute, it only takes about 3 seconds to fill a 150ml glass of water and 18.9 seconds to fill a 1-liter kettle.

Xiaomi ra mắt máy lọc nước Mi Water Purifier 1200G: Lõi lọc RO kép, nhiều chế độ, giá 10.7 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

Initially, the water will be filtered by the main RO filter, then filtered through the second RO filter. The ratio of purified water obtained to wastewater when the machine is operating in advanced mode is 5:1, reduced to 3:1 when operating in standard mode.

Users can use wastewater to wash dishes, water flowers or clean the house. In addition, the machine also comes with anti-clogging RO separation technology, which can maintain long-term water filtration performance up to 5 years without deterioration.

Mi Water Purifier 1200G has a total of 8 levels of water purification, allowing the removal of harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals, disinfectants and deep cleaning to give the purest water quality, meeting the requirements. on the quality of direct drinking water.

Xiaomi ra mắt máy lọc nước Mi Water Purifier 1200G: Lõi lọc RO kép, nhiều chế độ, giá 10.7 triệu đồng - Ảnh 2.

The use of a new 8-chamber pump design will make it easier for Mi Water Purifier 1200G to get water from the source. In addition, the noise and vibration of the pump is also minimized by reducing the speed of the machine when balancing the torque.

The product is equipped with pure water reverse pump technology. When not in use, the water will flow back to the original water source to ensure that the purified water at the end of the RO membrane is recirculated and flushed back to prevent untreated water from permeating.

As expected, Mi Water Purifier 1200G will officially hit shelves in China on July 26. The product has a retail price of 2999 yuan (about 10.7 million dong).

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