Xiaomi closed the date of its reading machine, preparing to compete with Amazon Kindle

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By the end of 2018, Xiaomi’s top management had confirmed that it would enter the reading machine market – a technology product missing in Xiaomi’s huge ecosystem.

After nearly a year of fairly quiet with not much noticeable information, most recently, the Chinese technology firm has officially set the launch date of its first reading device on 11/20 to come, according to Gizmochina.

Xiaomi chốt ngày ra mắt máy đọc sách, chuẩn bị cạnh tranh khô máu với Amazon Kindle - Ảnh 1.

According to information posted on Xiaomi’s official account on MXH Weibo, Xiaomi’s reading machine project will be launched in the form of crowdfunding like some of its other products. The product is expected to help Xiaomi directly confront the giants in the field of reading devices such as Amazon Kindle (Amazon), NOOK GlowLight (Barnes & Noble), which currently occupies the majority of market share.

According to some experts, Xiaomi’s reading machine will be affordable to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Basic and PaperWhite.

Xiaomi chốt ngày ra mắt máy đọc sách, chuẩn bị cạnh tranh khô máu với Amazon Kindle - Ảnh 2.

Based on some leaked information, Xiaomi’s device is expected to integrate a screen size of about 8 inches. The screen of the device will use e-ink technology – similar to the line of reading machines on the market. All four surrounding bezels are quite thickly designed, with the aim of more convenient for users to hold. The power key will be placed on the top of the device, while the other function keys are removed, replaced by virtual keys.

Because it only focuses on reading e-books, Xiaomi’s book reader will not have many extra features – similar to other e-reader models. The hardware configuration of the device itself is expected to be moderate, enough to smoothly view content on the machine.

Currently, it is not clear whether Xiaomi will build its own e-book library or will partner with a third party.

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