Xiaomi boss listed 5 reasons why it has to raise the price of Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro more expensive to nearly $ 150 compared to Mi 9

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So far, Xiaomi’s flagship Mi series has been known for its affordable price compared to its configuration and features. However, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro have completely created a new trend, just like the analysis of the technology world.

Sếp Xiaomi kể ra 5 lý do tại sao hãng phải nâng giá Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro đắt hơn tới gần 150 USD so với Mi 9 - Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, the Mi 10 starts at nearly 573 USD and the Pro version is nearly 716 USD. This price is almost $ 143 higher than the previous Mi 9.

Explaining the skyrocketing price, Xiaomi CEO and Redmi subsidiary manager Lu Weibing shared on Weibo the reason for raising the price of Mi series and Mi 10 / Mi 10 models. Pro.

One of the biggest reasons according to Lu Weibing, is the transition from 4G-enabled Snapdragon 855 chip to Snapdragon 865, which supports 5G. Lu said the cost of switching new chips and network modems almost doubled compared to the Snapdragon 855.

Earlier, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun shared that the price of the Snapdragon 865 chip and 5G modem modem has increased by about $ 70, resulting in Xiaomi being forced to raise the price to offset the cost.

Sếp Xiaomi kể ra 5 lý do tại sao hãng phải nâng giá Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro đắt hơn tới gần 150 USD so với Mi 9 - Ảnh 2.

There is also another reason for Xiaomi to increase the price of Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro, which is the switch to a 90Hz curved OLED screen that makes production difficult.

The third reason mentioned by Lu is that it upgraded the number of cameras to 4, built-in 108MP camera, supports dual OIS anti-shake technology. That’s not to mention Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro has upgraded from DDR4 RAM to DDR5. Of course the higher price of DDR5 makes the cost 20% more expensive.

Finally, a series of upgrades on battery life, fast charging, cooling mechanisms and a series of other related costs caused the Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro duo to increase the price compared to Mi 9.

Despite the increase in price, but according to the Redmi general manager, the Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro line of the company is enough to rival the Mate 30 Pro and even owns a better chip, screen, camera with a higher resolution.

Since Xiaomi separated Redmi and POCO from its parent company, the company has aimed to build a new brand identity for Mi series, which is the high-end smartphone with high price to compete with rivals like Samsung or Apple. .

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