X-ray inside the Magic Keyboard of iPad Pro

Tram Ho

We will often be less concerned about how a keyboard is attached to the tablet, but unless that keyboard is for Apple iPad Pro and specifically it costs more than 7 million before tax. iFixit posted an x-ray inside the hovering Magic Keyboard of iPad Pro to see what was special about it.

Looking at the overall interior, before going into each component, it must be commented that the inside is quite beautiful, symmetrical, and the wiring is also great. Apple products are also beautiful from the inside.

The keyboard uses a Scissor mechanism, which is why it is called “Magic Keyboard” instead of “Smart Keyboard”.

palm_rests_x.jpg Underneath the palm rest is a metal plate, which iFixit judges thinks will help keep the keyboard from bending. What other functions must be read inside to understand.

trackpad_x.jpg The Magic Keyboard trackpad is different from the MacBook trackpad, Apple uses a sure press instead of haptic feedback.

These are two parts of the hinge, which is also the reason for the iPad Pro to put on “suspended”, it is bearing and right in the middle of the large hinge with the core according to different metal pieces. Still waiting for surgery and see how it looks.

These are the two cables that are connected from the Smart Connector to the keyboard to provide power and data for the keyboard to operate. iFixit did not understand why the two cables went in different directions, meaning that there might be one long and one short.

Even the camera hole has a lot of small magnets arranged in rows, if counted by the box, there are 20 small magnets. Of course the layout is probably all about it, this is also an important part of the iPad when we place it on the back of the keyboard.

iFixit will update the article “peck” the Magic Keyboard soonest to see the actual inside.

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Source : Techtalk