Working at the space station, but still looking for a way to “hack” your partner’s bank account on Earth

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It is too common for married couples to have “unhealthy rice, not sweet soup” when it comes to marriage. With divorced couples, controversy, litigation to court is also common. However, the fact that the wife in the Earth sued the former spouse outside the universe because she dared to “hack” her bank account is indeed too rare, never before.

The story was a joke, it turned out to be true recently when Summer Worden – a former US Air Force intelligence officer in Kansas sent a complaint against the female astronaut Anna McClain accused of stealing. charged and illegally entered your bank account.

Làm ở trạm vũ trụ nhưng vẫn tìm cách “hack” tài khoản ngân hàng của bạn đời ở Trái Đất - Ảnh 1.

Astronaut Annna McClain

Anna McClain and Summer Worden were previously a same-sex married couple, but divorced and are in the process of post-marriage dispute resolution in court for nearly a year.

In a complaint filed with the US Federal Trade Commission, Worden accused female astronaut Anna McClain of unauthorized access to her bank account between December and August 2012. . Worth mentioning is that, this is also the time when the female astronaut is doing a 6-month mission on ISS International Space Station.

Làm ở trạm vũ trụ nhưng vẫn tìm cách “hack” tài khoản ngân hàng của bạn đời ở Trái Đất - Ảnh 2.

Anna McClain and Summer Worden are currently in the process of settling the divorce

According to Worden’s disclosure, she was surprised to find that her divorced partner knew well about her personal expenses. After learning through the bank, Worden found that his personal account was illegally accessed from a computer network related to NASA’s US Aerospace Agency.

After being accused, through her lawyer, the astronaut McClain admitted she had access to her fiancée bank account with a computer on the ISS international space station. However, according to McClain, her behavior only aims to check the financial situation of the family, which includes support for the foster child (6 years old) of 2 people. She said she accessed her wife’s Internet Banking account with the old password when two people were living together, and denied the claim to “hack” the bank account to gain access.

Làm ở trạm vũ trụ nhưng vẫn tìm cách “hack” tài khoản ngân hàng của bạn đời ở Trái Đất - Ảnh 3.

McClain uses the space station computer to access the former partner’s bank account

Worden said he was shocked to find out that McClain had access to the account even though the two parted: “I can’t believe she could act so brazenly. This is clearly an infringement. blatant privacy “.

Currently, NASA refuses to comment when it thinks this is a personal incident. However, the agency said it is still investigating the case further. As for McClain, the female astronaut has now finished her trip and returned to Earth in June 2019. McClain is one of only two female astronauts in the history of space travel.

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