WordPress in turn denounces Apple’s ridiculous in-app payments policy

Tram Ho

The controversy surrounding Apple’s policy towards the App Store has entered a new chapter, but this time with the founder of the WordPress platform, Matt Mullenweg. Yesterday, Mr. Mullenberg posted a tweet stating why there are not any updates to the WordPress app on iOS. That’s because Apple blocks updates until WordPress puts in-app payment options in it – so that Apple can charge 30% commissions.

Most importantly, this WordPress app doesn’t sell anything. The WordPress app on iOS allows users to build and manage websites right on an iPhone or iPad – and it’s completely free.

Đến lượt WordPress tố cáo chính sách thanh toán trong ứng dụng vô lý của Apple - Ảnh 1.

On the web interface, WordPress sells beautiful domains and web theme packages, but not on apps. These domain name or web theme purchases do not appear in the app at all and therefore WordPress does not include in-app payment options.

Apple acknowledges the problem with WordPress, but insists that in-app billing options must be included in any application ” allowing users to access their content, subscription plans, or features. made requests in your application on other platforms or on your website . ”

While being one of the few people who dare publicly complain about Apple’s policies, Mullenweg is not able to prolong his fight. He told The Verge that WordPress will be forced to add an in-app payment system to its paid version within the next 30 days.

Đến lượt WordPress tố cáo chính sách thanh toán trong ứng dụng vô lý của Apple - Ảnh 2.

In other words, Apple won. The richest company in the world has succeeded in forcing an app developer to charge an app so they can make more money from it. This is the latest example showing how Apple is doing its best to protect its breast milk, even if it leads to a decision that is neither ethical nor right. with Apple’s philosophy that puts the customer experience first.

Just yesterday, a group of major publishers, the Digital Content Next Association with famous newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Vox, …, sent a letter to the CEO. Apple, Tim Cook asked why Amazon, not they get a great deal that only pays 15% commission instead of 30% like other developers.

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