Without waiting for Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision, the three largest Canadian carriers have given up on Huawei

Tram Ho

Two major Canadian telecom carriers said they would build their 5G network with equipment from European suppliers, and remove equipment from Huawei China.

Montreal-based BCE said Swedish telecommunications equipment firm Ericsson will provide radio broadcasting equipment – including important antennas and base stations – for its 5G network. In its own statement, Telus also said it will choose Ericsson and Nokia to support the network’s construction.

Meanwhile, Roger, another major Canadian network, which has been Ericsson’s long-time partner in the construction of telecommunications networks, and in 2018, announced it would continue to use its supplier’s equipment. from this Europe.

Không chờ quyết định của thủ tướng Trudeau, 3 nhà mạng lớn nhất Canada đều từ bỏ Huawei - Ảnh 1.

Thus, with this new announcement, all three of Canada’s largest carriers have used telecommunications equipment from European suppliers, including Ericsson and Nokia, instead of Huawei.

Notably, these announcements were made while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hesitated before deciding whether to allow Huawei to participate in the country’s 5G infrastructure. Previously, Huawei played a major role in Canada’s wireless network, but now it is facing national security concerns from Western countries.

The Trump administration believes Huawei’s 5G equipment will create security holes in the network that can be exploited. Recently, the British government has changed its attitude towards Huawei, saying it wants to completely eliminate the Chinese company from its network within three years.

Telus’s announcement surprised many when it was February, CFO of the carrier, Doug French, told the National Post that ” we will launch a 5G network with Huawei on the side ” – a The statement shows the operator’s support for Huawei’s appearance. However, the recent official announcement shows a change of attitude to the Chinese company.

Trudeau, meanwhile, is still hesitant about the decision to ban Huawei or not. The already tense relationship between Canada and China after Huawei’s CFO arrest, Meng Wanzhou in late 2018. Most recently, the court in Canada also made a decision allowing further extradition. Meng went to the US to try after she realized that all the criteria of double offenses were met.

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