Withdrawing from the mobile segment, LG liquidated cheap smartphones for employees: Snapdragon 888, 120Hz OLED screen, priced at 4 million

Tram Ho

In early April, LG officially announced that it would withdraw from the mobile business. Although there have been some previous leaks about this, LG’s decision could not help but surprise users. Because, only in January this year at CES, LG is still “teasing” about the advanced scrolling screen smartphone; However, only 3 months later, this brand has completely collapsed.

LG’s quick “turning of the car” will make it still have a lot of unfinished projects and products without the opportunity to reach consumers. Having come to this country, perhaps the fastest way to deal with inventory is to liquidate employees cheaply.

And that’s exactly what LG is doing in Korea. The image below is of the LG Velvet 2 Pro, the smartphone that should have been an upgraded version of the first Velvet. Twitter account @FrontTron said that LG has produced about 3,000 of these machines to sell to the market, but with the current situation, the company has moved to liquidate for employees.

Through the image, it can be seen that Velvet 2 Pro has a design relatively similar to the first version with a “waterdrop” camera design, but this camera cluster is made convex instead of flat. The device has three color versions: black, beige (beige) and copper gold. The version in the picture has a beige back with a yellow border that looks very nice.

Rút khỏi mảng di động, LG thanh lý smartphone giá rẻ cho nhân viên: Snapdragon 888, màn hình OLED 120Hz, giá 4 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

In terms of configuration, Velvet 2 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip, 6.8-inch 120Hz OLED screen, 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory and 4500mAh battery. With this configuration, it is clear that LG had a plan to position the Velvet 2 Pro in the high-end segment.

The most attractive thing of Velvet 2 Pro is the price. To own this machine, LG employees will only have to spend … 170 USD (equivalent to nearly 4 million VND). With the first Velvet ever retailing for $599, $170 is clearly a bargain. Therefore, @FrontTron said that there are a lot of LG employees ” picking up” this machine.

Rút khỏi mảng di động, LG thanh lý smartphone giá rẻ cho nhân viên: Snapdragon 888, màn hình OLED 120Hz, giá 4 triệu đồng - Ảnh 2.

Of course, with such a cheap price, Velvet 2 Pro also has a few limitations. The device will have a warranty period of only about 6 months (until the components run out), and will not receive any software updates. More importantly, each LG employee can only buy a maximum of 2 devices, and they will not be allowed to resell it to anyone else.

In parallel with the Velvet 2 Pro, LG seems to be planning to liquidate the LG Rollable roll-screen phone model for its employees. Unfortunately, information about it has not been revealed yet.

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Source : Genk