With the keyboard on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple admitted the mistake and accepted the change

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Finally, after two generations of expensive MacBook Pros (and recently MacBook and MacBook Air versions), Apple gave up the butterfly keyboard, a disaster of "creativity" that ruined "life." "of many keyboard heroes. It also ended a long-running nightmare between Apple and its customers.

On the new MacBook Pro, Apple says it will use a "Magic Keyboard" keyboard with a scissor design, just like any regular laptop keyboard before.

Với bàn phím trên MacBook Pro 16 inch mới, Apple đã thừa nhận sai lầm và chấp nhận thay đổi - Ảnh 1.

The new MacBook Pro comes with a 16-inch screen and a redesigned keyboard.

The "scissor" or "butterfly" buttons are used to indicate how the mechanism works below each time you click on the keycap. For many years, laptops have used the scissor mechanism, which consists of two plastic bars that cross each other, which will fold when you press down and open to push the key up.

This scissor key will make your typing journey a few millimeters below each time you press it. Therefore, with the desire to reduce the thickness of several millimeters of the two recent generations of MacBook Pro, Apple has created a butterfly keypress. This button design uses 4 plastic brackets underneath, facing down each time you press the key and has a slightly shorter stroke than the scissor key.

In turn, the butterfly key design is harder to fix, easier to break, and less comfortable to type on, because it feels like your finger is tapping on a plastic surface because the journey is so short of it.

Với bàn phím trên MacBook Pro 16 inch mới, Apple đã thừa nhận sai lầm và chấp nhận thay đổi - Ảnh 2.

The difference between a scissor keyboard (left) and a butterfly keyboard (right) created by Apple.

This has become a scandal for Apple in the MacBook line launched three years ago when they all use this butterfly key design. Not only are they difficult to fix, they are susceptible to dust, and various types of debris that fall under the keyboard clog the keys. Right now the repair is almost nothing but a replacement for nearly half of the laptop – literally.

Apple itself has to admit this problem with phrases such as "the letters are unusually repeated", "the letters do not appear", "the keys seem to be stuck".

But with the new MacBook Pro, this nightmare may end. It features a new " Magic Keyboard with scissor mechanism tweaked to provide a 1mm-long key travel and a more stable typing experience, as well as a rubber dome designed by Apple to store a lot of power. volume, make the key bounce more ". Apple said in the press release.

Với bàn phím trên MacBook Pro 16 inch mới, Apple đã thừa nhận sai lầm và chấp nhận thay đổi - Ảnh 3.

New 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard with Esc key is located separately next to the Touch Bar strip. Using the scissors, you can see that the new MacBook Pro keyboard is a little higher than the butterfly keyboard.

In recent years, perhaps the butterfly keyboard was Apple's worst design mistake, as it created a scandal over the instability of the MacBook Pro line and undermined consumer confidence. Apple even had to offer a "Keyboard Service Program" to fix broken keyboards. Since the first generation of the butterfly keyboard, Apple has tweaked it two more times to correct its problems but all failed.

Hopefully, this refreshed old-fashioned scissor type button will fix all the mistakes the butterfly keyboard has made in the last few years, and regain everyone's trust in the MacBook Pro line. A truly reliable machine.

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