With the AirPods Max, Apple is making a familiar mistake

Tram Ho

After months of rampant speculation and rumors, Apple has finally launched its own over-ear headphones called the AirPods Max.

Undoubtedly, the AirPods Max headphones are very interesting, with premium features and a “affordable” price of $ 549. However, the way Apple launched this product at that price point, seems to be causing it to repeat a similar mistake in the past.

No, it’s not that the AirPods Max are overvalued. There is a huge difference between “expensive” and “very expensive”, as well as the fact that Apple will hardly charge too much for a pair of affordable headphones. These are powerful, impressive and classy headphones. If you’re looking for something premium, you’ll probably love them.

But, one serious mistake Apple made was that the $ 549 version of the AirPods Max was that it was “the only version available”. In other words, Apple only gives users one choice: Spending more than half a thousand dollars on the latest and greatest headphones. There is no more affordable over-ear alternative, at least not from Tim Cook.

Return to old ugly habits

Với AirPods Max, Apple đang mắc lại một sai lầm quen thuộc - Ảnh 1.

If all this makes you feel familiar, then, it’s because Apple made the same mistake when it first launched the HomePod in 2018. Back then, it was definitely a speaker. has great sound, looks smart, and can connect to a user’s other Apple kit like magic. But at $ 349, it’s simply too expensive for most people. And even Apple loyalists – who are accustomed to paying high prices for high-end equipment by the US tech firm – are not satisfied with this price tag. Initial Home Pod sales were bleak.

In contrast, competitors like Amazon and Google offer a variety of speakers designed specifically for different segments of the market. Amazon lowered the Echo Studio to the Echo Dot, while Google’s product range stretched from Home Max to Home Mini. These companies all understand that not everyone can afford the highest end products. Apple doesn’t.

It is not price or technology, it depends on one important factor: thinking. Apple has always wanted to make the best products in a category, and if that means they’ll be expensive, leave it that way. Despite the acclaim or criticism of the experts, Apple is not interested in being the first in a certain field, but rather about being the best.

Với AirPods Max, Apple đang mắc lại một sai lầm quen thuộc - Ảnh 2.

That sounds great if the user wants a quality product that can last. But that also means that Apple product prices are high and the company often forgets to offer a more affordable alternative, until it’s too late. We saw that with HomePod, until Apple really wanted to catch up with Amazon and Google, which adopted the HomePod Mini release.

And it looks like we can see history repeat itself with the AirPods Max.

It took two years for Apple to realize the bug with its HomePod and release a smaller, more affordable version. Hopefully Apple has learned something from this experience – and the significant dominance of its competitors in the market – to have a backup version of the AirPods Max that hasn’t been revealed yet. Because whatever they’re called (AirPods Mini?), They need to be released soon.

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