With only 7 billion VND, you can own a robot that knows how to cook 5,000 delicious dishes, and can always wash dishes for it.

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Moley Robotics in London, UK claims its cooking robot can “cook from scratch and then clean up without a complaint .

As the brainchild of computer scientist and Russian mathematician Mark Oleynik, the robot named Moley Kitchen is advertised to serve standard restaurant meals without the need for an owner. Mark Oleynik is also the founder of Moley Robotics.

Chỉ với 7 tỷ đồng, bạn có thể sở hữu con robot biết nấu 5.000 món ăn hảo hạng, còn biết rửa bát luôn cho nó sạch - Ảnh 1.

Moley Kitchen, the world’s first cooking robot, can prepare its own restaurant meals from AZ (Image: Black Edge Productions)

Moley was developed with the support of Tim Anderson, the culinary creator who was the winner of the BBC’s MasterChef series in 2011. Anderson’s cooking techniques have been reproduced as 3-dimensional spaces and “transformed into gracefully move numbers with on-demand algorithms . At the new product launch, Anderson and fellow chefs Nicole Pisani and Andrew Clarke cooked 30 dishes to demonstrate Moley Kitchen’s prowess.

Every month, Moley will be updated with a new recipe. Customers can choose dishes from a menu of over 5,000 dishes as well as store a list of their favorite dishes.

Moley Robot has two robotic arms with fully articulated “hands” by Moley Robotics in cooperation with Schunk, the world’s leading manufacturer of robots in Germany. Said to reliably reproduce human hand movements, the robotic hands help Moley pull ingredients from the smart fridge, adjust the oven temperature, fill the pan from the sink Cup, pour ingredients into a pot, mix ingredients and transfer finished dishes to a plate like a true human chef.

In addition, Moley can warn you when the refrigerator is low.

Youtube clip of cooking robot Moley Kitchen makes a complete meal on its own

And if you’re concerned about how messy this mechanical chef might make the kitchen mess, “it can even clean it up on its own afterwards without a single complaint,” the Guardian quoted the founder. Oleynik.

Moley automatic kitchen is not cheap at all, its price is 248,000 pounds (about 7.5 billion VND), the price of an average house in England, a super car or a small yacht. Oleynik admits Moley has a high price, but says there have been more than 1,000 qualified purchases from interested people. The company hopes to release lower priced models in the future.

This is the world’s first automatic kitchen for consumers. Like all disruptive technologies – cars, TVs and computers – it (Moley) will appeal to tech enthusiasts, experts, who apply the technology first and be adequately priced. We anticipate that prices will drop significantly over time due to volume production, production efficiency and economies of scale “ , Oleynik shared at GITEX, the annual global consumer electronics and computer exhibition from December 6-10 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

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