Windows 10X will “borrow” one of the best features of macOS

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One of the favorite features on Apple’s macOS, “live wallpaper” is a desktop wallpaper that changes depending on a variety of factors, such as the time of day.

According to the latest news from the WindowsCentral website, that’s exactly what Microsoft wants to bring to Windows 10X. The live wallpaper the company is currently testing is revealed to be a picture of a mountain with different versions corresponding to morning, lunch, dinner, and night. You will also notice some clouds appear occasionally to make the wallpaper look more vivid.

Considered to be the default operating system of Surface Neo, Windows 10X will read the time and place settings on the device to switch from one wallpaper to another more smoothly, but how smooth it is only when The operating system is only released.

Windows 10X sẽ mượn một trong những tính năng hay ho nhất của macOS - Ảnh 1.

Dynamic wallpaper feature of macOS

What many people are concerned about is how many live wallpapers will be built into Windows 10X. Apple’s macOS currently has few options for users, so most will have to rely on third-party apps, or create their own live wallpapers – of course, to create a wallpaper. “genuine” action as Apple products is definitely not something anyone can do.

Windows 10X is an operating system developed by Microsoft for dual screen devices, and it will launch with Surface Neo later this year. A lot of information says Windows 10X will be finalized this spring, so it’s likely that it could appear on a few other dual-screen devices debuting before Surface Neo.

The operating system will also have a host of other new features, including the new Start menu and Action Center, redesigned to better fit the new form factor. The taskbar will also have a new look dedicated to Windows 10X.

Reference: SoftPedia

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