Will there be no Huawei smartphones running HongMeng OS in the future?

Tram Ho

For anyone who is eagerly awaiting Huawei’s HongMeng operating system to come out in the near future – as an alternative to Android on the company’s smartphones – new information is provided by Liang Hua, president of the company. Company, supply can cause a great frustration.

We have not decided whether HongMeng could be developed as a smartphone operating system in the future .” Liang told reporters in Shenzhen, although he also added that this could change if the company returned to the US blacklist and Google’s Android operating system does not support the company anymore – recently The company has been ” pardoned ” in part from the US to ease pressure on its supply chain.

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Mr. Liang’s statement was also the repetition of Nham Chinh Phi’s, Huawei’s CEO last week in an interview with Le Point, France that ” HongMeng is not designed for phones like people think. We don’t develop an operating system to replace Google – and if Google pulls its operating system out of Huawei, we’ll need to start building an ecosystem because we don’t have a clear plan yet. apparently . ”

The trouble here is that in May, Mr. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer devices division, told audiences in China that a new operating system ” will be available this fall and late.” especially in the spring of next year . ” Yu said the operating system ” has been studied since 2012 ,” will ” be compatible with all Android applications and web applications ,” and have ” performance will be improved by more than 60% ” .

The confusion when information about this operating system between Huawei’s leadership is becoming more apparent when it seems that Nham himself is not sure of the superiority at this speed. When Le Point asked if HongMeng was faster than Android, Nham admitted that the company “has not made a comparison “, even though he later added that ” perhaps it is .”

Sẽ chẳng có smartphone Huawei nào chạy HongMeng OS trong tương lai? - Ảnh 2.

The confusion of users and analysts when the Huawei Central website itself complained: “This chain of statements doesn’t make sense. We have to wait until there is a firmer development in this story . ” This suggests that it seems that the operating system is not ready yet.

But it also shows that Huawei will not close any of its development groups in the future. “The reality is that an extreme stance like the US government has meant that Huawei needs to invest in their alternative operating system .” Professor Michael Jacobies from London Business School said. ” Huawei cannot rely on something as erratic and dangerous as the US government. It would be crazy for Chinese and Huawei companies not to prepare for Plan B.

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