Will the Galaxy Fold 2 have an 8-inch screen, a 108MP camera and support for the S Pen?

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Samsung aims to sell 6 million foldable smartphones by 2020. And to achieve this goal, the company will need to do more with the Galaxy Z Flip expected on February 11. next. This is also likely to be the first Samsung smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 855+ chip.

Galaxy Fold 2 sẽ có màn hình 8 inch, camera 108MP và hỗ trợ bút S Pen? - Ảnh 1.

Many believe that the Galaxy Z Flip can be a “spectacular makeover” that replaces the original Galaxy Fold line, which has been quite successful.

However, according to the writer Max Weinbach from XDA Developers, the successor to the Galaxy Fold has not really appeared and the device will only be released in Q2 / 2020.

Based on leaks from several Korean and Bloomberg websites, Weinbach has summarized and shared a few key parameters about the new Galaxy Fold generation.

Galaxy Fold 2 sẽ có màn hình 8 inch, camera 108MP và hỗ trợ bút S Pen? - Ảnh 2.

The successor to the Galaxy Fold could be a device that supports 5G networks and runs the Snapdragon 865 chip. It will feature an 8-inch screen, ultra-thin screen and the new Ultra Thin Glass, replacing the protective layer. by plastic.

In addition, Galaxy Fold 2 will also have a 108MP camera and S Pen support.

The successor version is expected to thoroughly solve the previous problems of the Galaxy Fold such as fragile plastic screens. However, its success will largely be determined by the price. Despite the powerful hardware and high-end configuration, it’s hard to sell a smartphone costing nearly $ 2,000 on the market.

According to experts, Samsung is secretly developing a new Galaxy Z series with the ability to fold three screens at once. Recently leaked images show that the machine will have a double hinge, which helps to fold and open in many different ways.

Galaxy Fold 2 sẽ có màn hình 8 inch, camera 108MP và hỗ trợ bút S Pen? - Ảnh 3.

This promises to be another variant of the folding screen smartphone series and possesses a high-end configuration similar to the Galaxy Z Flip.

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