Will PHP become obsolete by 2020?

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Will PHP become obsolete by 2020?

Certainly when you surf the web, you will sometimes hear some gossip, that PHP is outdated, according to some Facebook posts of some famous programming sites in the world, they think that PHP has outdated and will be discarded in the future. So is PHP outdated? I will answer this question shortly.

Why are some parts that PHP is obsolete?

Most people assume that PHP is outdated because it is too old and its complicated statement structure and badness (like unconventional variable naming), they liken its statement structure to a mess. As a result, they suggest switching to other languages ​​like Python, Java or NodeJS because these languages ​​are newer, more trendy.

Happy Birthday PHP (1995 - 2020)

Happy Birthday PHP (1995 – 2020)

Unknown to them, Python and Java (except NodeJS – 2009) are older than PHP (Python was created and released in 1991, and Java is in 1993). While PHP was written on the C language in 1995 and released in 1997, there are seven official releases to date and the number 8 to be released in the future. In addition, the PHP commands have been greatly improved since version 5 onwards.

Besides, some people think that PHP has suffered many serious security errors, try asking you if there is a system that does not have errors when programming? Even websites that don’t use PHP like Google or the websites of banks and governments sometimes suffer from security bugs and Downtime.

In addition, some people think that they should switch to other languages ​​because PHP is difficult to learn, claiming that PHP is too messy, but they do not know that it is PHP that set the stage for other languages. .

So, is PHP as outdated as some say?

Is PHP outdated?

PHP may not be the current trend in programming, but if you say it is outdated, you are seriously wrong. Take a look at Facebook, Wikipedia, VK.com , Github and P ** hub what are they using, guys? That’s right, PHP!

Facebook uses PHP

The P ** hub uses PHP

Wikipedia uses PHP

Even the most popular CMS on the Internet are currently using PHP, some CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, … and Webmaster software like cPanel, DirectAdmin, WHM, WHMCS (extension of WHM) is also using PHP. (My blog is using WordPress, so I am currently using PHP as a programming language: v)

And you may not know, according to W3Techs statistics, about 78.9% of websites currently use PHP, which means, for every 10 websites you visit, there are 8 websites using PHP. Even myself, I am currently using PHP for open source projects here: v

In addition, PHP is currently getting a lot of speed improvements through updates, which currently PHP 7 and above possesses the advantage of higher speed and more request processing compared to PHP versions. old.

Statistics on the ability to handle requests of WordPress 5.0 on different PHP versions (Requests / sec)

Statistics on the ability to handle requests of WordPress 5.0 on different PHP versions (Requests / sec)

PHP currently has an extremely large community of programmers and is willing to help each other if something goes wrong in some famous programming forums like Stackoverflow, …

So is PHP outdated? Definitely not.

Although PHP will not be outdated, we cannot ignore some disadvantages of using it as loosely declared, without a specific standard, and it can only be used for web programming. , can not be used to build Cross-platform applications like other programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, C ++.

Is PHP as outdated as some say?

Is PHP as outdated as some say?

Does PHP have security flaws? Definitely, since no language is 100% secure, even languages ​​like ASP.NET for building large and highly secure systems sometimes have some security issues. need to solve.

Therefore, we should not be too concerned that PHP is outdated. As it will remain the most used language on the Internet, at least for the next 10 years.

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