Will AirPods 3 have the same design as AirPods Pro, launching in the first half of next year?

Tram Ho

According to a new source from “Mr. Dong” Ming-chi Kuo, who specializes in accurate predictions about Apple products, it seems that “Biting Apple” is planning to launch a new AirPods model similar. AirPods Pro “in the first half of next year, which will most likely be called AirPods 3.

AirPods 3 sẽ có thiết kế giống AirPods Pro, ra mắt nửa đầu năm sau? - Ảnh 1.

AirPods 3 is said to be an upgraded version of the AirPods 2 generation (The New AirPods), instead of an upgraded version of AirPods Pro. According to some sources, the next AirPods will have traditional earbuds instead of in-ear format as on the Pro version. The design will also be compact like the Pro version (as shown below).

AirPods 3 sẽ có thiết kế giống AirPods Pro, ra mắt nửa đầu năm sau? - Ảnh 2.

Launched in November 2019, AirPods Pro has a brand new in-ear design that was first released by Apple, different from previous AirPods and EarPods generations. In addition, AirPods Pro has also been upgraded with many new features such as the integration of active anti-noise technology ANC, improved sound quality or increased resistance to water and sweat.

The current AirPods range includes the second-generation AirPods (The New AirPods) with two versions: wireless charging ($ 199) and standard charging ($ 149), AirPods Pro wireless charging (price). 249 USD).

Ming-chi Kuo previously revealed that Apple will no longer be offering EarPods Lightning headphones with the iPhone 12 to boost AirPods sales in 2021. In addition, he also believes that AirPods sales in early 2021 will also be included. will spike thanks to some of the promotions that Apple launched, maybe users will get a discount on AirPods when purchased with the iPhone 12, for example.

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