Why you shouldn’t call Sprint Review a Sprint Demo

Tram Ho

I often hear people call Sprint Review the Sprint Demo.

Ted Mosby inside of me immediately wanted to call them out and correct them.

The Sprint Review is not a Sprint Demo! It means more than that.

Calling a Sprint Demo is a Sprint Demo, it’s like calling a nine-course meal an appetizer. An appetizer starts the meal, but it is only a small portion of the full meal.

It may seem semantically similar, but calling the meeting Demo Sprint puts all Sprint Review participants into a cognitive misunderstanding.

In Sprint Review you have the latest Demo Increment to get feedback from the entire Scrum Team and the major Stakeholders. The meeting is not about Demo, it’s about feedback!

The meeting is not about Demo, it’s about feedback!

In Sprint Review, you get feedback on the value you have provided. The entire Scrum Team also works with the most important Stakeholders to find the most valuable thing to do next. The Sprint Review serves as a valuable input for the next Sprint Planning.

Topics discussed at Sprint Demo:

  • The development team shows that the work has been completed.

Topics discussed at Sprint Review, including all Sprint Demo topics:

  • The completion of the Product Backlog item. The Product Owner discusses whether the Product Backlog item has been completed.
  • Sprint share is complete. The development team shares what went well, encountered the challenges and how to solve them.
  • Indicates the status of the Product Backlog. The Product Owner shows everyone the current status of the Product Backlog If possible, potential Devivery dates can also be discussed.
  • Decide which one to do next. The entire Scrum Team and the main Stakeholders work together on what to do next. The Sprint Review provides valuable input for the next Sprint Planning.
  • Consider product or market changes. The assessment of the market or the potential to use the product may have changed, and this may affect what is valuable to do next.
  • Point out and discuss upcoming releases. Evaluate milestones, budgets and potential and market for subsequent releases of the product.

As you can see, there are 6 other topics you can address in the Sprint Review, other than just Demo what you have built. There is so much more to Sprint Review than just a Demo!

Next time don’t call it the Sprint Demo, but the Sprint Review. To clarify what the meeting really purpose is about: Feedback .

The Sprint Review is about getting feedback from key stakeholders and collaborating on the best things to do next.

Help everyone, including the main stakeholders, understand the purpose of the meeting. This way, you can work together to make the most of the Scrum event and increase the value you are providing.

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Source: Maarten Dalmijn

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