Why should you not show pictures of airline tickets on social networks?

Tram Ho

Anyone can change your flight schedule.

Just by knowing your full name and reservation number on your boarding pass, anyone can change seats, schedule, and even cancel your entire trip with ease. They just need to go to the official website of the airline you use, enter your name and reservation number through Manage my booking, then change the whole itinerary .

In particular, in this process, if a hacker gets your passport or identity card number, it is likely that that information will be used to register accounts in bad websites, used to forge documents and impersonate people. your name commits crimes, gets you into trouble and has to be explained to the authorities

Don’t underestimate the bar code on your boarding pass

Even if you cover your name and reservation number, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. All booking information is located in the barcode on the boarding pass. Not only the airline can access the information from this barcode, but anyone with Internet access can. Just take a screenshot of the check-in photo with the boarding pass and then upload it to a website that specializes in barcode readers to get all the information from there.

Some airlines even embed the flight number in the ticket to make the check-in process faster and more convenient. Therefore, it is best not to show off your flight tickets online, even if you have covered your name and reservation number.

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Membership points are likely to disappear

Those of you who have a fair amount of travel experience, fly regularly with an airline will usually sign up as a member and start accumulating points. In this case, your membership number will be directly below your name on your boarding pass. In fact, it is difficult to break into the airline’s membership information system. But for professional hackers, just your membership number, they can easily access your online account and steal all the points you have worked so hard to collect.

The bad guys know you’re not home

Although most people like to “check-in” a photo of their boarding pass, share trip information on social networks for the purpose of spreading joy and excitement, if your Instagram or Facebook account is set to public (anyone can see), does not exclude the possibility that the bad guy will know your schedule and that is, know that your house is “empty garden”. At that time, maybe they will plan to visit your house or arrange to block the way, steal your things when you just leave the airport. Therefore, do not reveal your privacy just through a photo.

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How to post a picture of a plane ticket?

Airline tickets display a lot of your personal information, so for maximum safety and security, you should absolutely not post pictures of airline tickets on social networking sites. However, in some cases where you want to post a photo of a plane ticket, please pay attention:

•Full name and gender cover

•Cover barcodes, codes of tickets

•Cover the reservation code

•Hide your flight number and time, revealing only the origin and destination

In addition, according to experts, the best way to dispose of airline tickets when they are no longer in use is to tear them into pieces and destroy them completely. Absolutely do not throw the intact airline ticket in the trash because if it falls into the wrong hands, the information on it can still be used.

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