Why say “through wall” Wi-Fi Router A720R is a product dedicated to the home?

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With the need to use many activities at the same time such as listening to music, playing games, surfing the web, livestream, … in your house, to own a smooth, stable wifi is always a concern of most everyone. Users not only need to use a good wall-to-wall wifi transmitter, the wave is stable in every corner of the house, but the price must also be affordable. Therefore, the A720R dual band wifi router is considered to be the most optimal choice.

Introduction of the product TOTOLINK A720R

TOTOLINK A720R is a fast 802.11AC wifi router with an amazingly wide radius coverage. The product has a compact and eye-catching size but the ability to broadcast wifi through the wall is extremely powerful, not inferior to routers of other brands in the same segment.

Vì sao nói Router Wi-Fi “xuyên tường” A720R là sản phẩm chuyên dụng cho gia đình? - Ảnh 1.

A720R dual band wifi router has powerful wall-to-wall broadcasting power

A720R is considered a remarkable invention with its optimal design for extremely high bandwidth online applications and can help smooth applications at speeds up to three times faster than previous 802.11n standards. here.

The model is equipped with 4 omnidirectional antennas, the A720R dual band wifi router providing wifi speed up to 1167Mbps. As a result, the device can meet most of the common usage needs of users such as gaming, HD video, Web surfing, Facebook … This is also an ideal choice for small and medium houses. or offices that need high-intensity Internet access.

Vì sao nói Router Wi-Fi “xuyên tường” A720R là sản phẩm chuyên dụng cho gia đình? - Ảnh 2.

A720R meets most of the needs of users, especially battle games

Why say A720R is the recommended solution for households?

It is not natural that TOTOLINK A720R is favored by many users to buy so much. The reason is that this product possesses a lot of advantages and outstanding features to help solve all problems of wifi network transmission in the units, namely:

1. Wifi device covers every corner in the house with many obstructions

A720R is a device that helps to connect to wifi stably over a wide radius thanks to the high power antenna / Beamforming. This will make the network connection quick and, preferably, in obstructed spaces.

2. Remote broadcasting equipment

Vì sao nói Router Wi-Fi “xuyên tường” A720R là sản phẩm chuyên dụng cho gia đình? - Ảnh 3.

The device is capable of transmitting far away with optimal delicate design

Optimally designed in terms of hardware as well as operating software, the A720R is especially suitable for use in home environments such as houses, apartments, and the device completely ensures the transmission of wifi signals as well as The Internet reaches the most difficult locations in usable spaces with coverage up to 70m2 in normal obstructive environments and 150m2 in obstructed environments.

3. Quickly access many different devices at the same time

Please do not be subjective with the appearance of the A720R but underestimate the “plowing” ability of this device. A720R can bear up to 30-40 wifi users at the same time and still works smoothly. Ready to serve most of the needs of users.

4. Low price compared to the market for AC series

AC1200 Dual Band Router – TOTOLINK A720R is recommended by the company to sell for 399,000 VND. However, you can buy at more preferential prices from genuine distribution channels of TOTOLINK nationwide.

5. Manage children’s internet time

Thanks to smart features such as wifi on / off schedule / access management App, parents can control their children’s internet time easily.

Vì sao nói Router Wi-Fi “xuyên tường” A720R là sản phẩm chuyên dụng cho gia đình? - Ảnh 4.

Control children’s internet time

6. If the equipment malfunctions, where can the customer get help?

If there is any problem with the device, the customer can quickly be supported through the customer care channel:

Tel: 1800-6078. Website: TOTOLINK.VN or Facebook: TOTOLINK VIETNAM

With the outstanding features and practical applications for housing that TOTOLINK A720R offers compared to the current selling price, this product is being favored and welcomed by users in the market.So if you are looking for Find a cheap wifi router or need to upgrade the existing wifi system in the family, the A720R will definitely be a wifi router worth your attention.

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