Why Most Companies Still Not Serious about Software Testing Services

Tram Ho

Most of the companies still not serious about software testing even software testing plays an important role in the software development life cycle
The overall reputation of the companies depends on what quality they are delivered through their product but still, most of the companies do not refer and understand the deep benefits of quality assurance. There are various reasons behind this, Here are some top 5 reasons which explain why most of the companies avoid software testing services.

This is the most important reason that most companies ignore software testing services, in cases if they want to hire someone to test their that particular person or companies charge more and work on the basis or hours. Sometimes this type of situation can’t afford by the organizations

Less knowledge and Experience:
Lack of experience and knowledge about software testing causes issues of quality. Appropriate knowledge of a particular subject will help in more improvement and better implementations…

Less Financial Investment:
The lack of financial resource is yet another main reason behind the companies don not want to invest in QA and Software Testing Services. Software Testing requirements lot’s of paid and costly tools especially in automation testing some times this type of cost can’t be afforded by the companies.

Less Manpower:
Most of the companies prefer QA testing for their fast stage of development So it means to invest in software testing they required appropriate and skilled manpower but at the initial stage of development they not able to invest in manpower effectively

Software Testing is the core and deep step of development life-cycle. It is not just a process of finding the bugs and issues of the application. In the end, the effective testing process is the path of delivering the quality of the application. It includes;
Deliver Quality
Effective User-Experience
Perfect Compatibility
Work According to customer needs
Work According to latest trends
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